Sexy Red Lips


The past few decades have proven red lipstick to be an evergreen trend. (Read up history of red lipstick here.) Every female Hollywood artiste has been spotted wearing this classic look at least once. Since this fad is gonna stay, why not learn this beauty skill once and for all?


The million dollar question is: How to get the purrrfect red lips? Well, definitely not the ‘traditional’ way; which requires only one step – apply lipstick. In fact, that is what you do when you touch up your lipstick. So make sure to pop it into your bag before you head out!

Truth is, no color can’t stay exactly the way you did it hours ago. Especially not after a meal. Or two. But the good news is, we can make it stay longer using a few simple steps. Here’s how to:


Always moisturize your lips so that they don’t crack easily; even if your lipsticks happen to have a less buttery formula. My lips’ best friend happens to be ol’ skool Vaseline.


Let’s get started!

red lip kit

You need: A red lipstick, a lip liner, and a piece of tissue paper.

Here is a new improved *update* on the products for this look I highly recommend:

  • MAC lip primer
  • MAC Ruby Woo lipstick
  • MAC Follow Your Heart lip liner


Apply lipstick – the usual way.


Put a piece of tissue paper between parted lips. Close your mouth, wrapping both lips against the tissue paper. This creates a lip stain.


Outline your lips with a red pencil liner. Preferably one with the closest shade to your lipstick color.


Apply a second coat of lipstick, as you did step #1.


Use a lip brush to blend any harsh lines.


Place an index finger into your mouth like so, and pull it out. Repeat again if necessary. This will avoid lipstick staining your front teeth.


And there you have your perfect red lips!


Too many steps for a lipstick application? There is a difference between beauty and beauty perfection. When possible, why not achieve the better? After all, practice makes perfect (and everything simpler).


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