Filling Feelings

a|x is a great boyfriend. but if there’s one thing i have to pick on, it would be the fact that he and i share different views when it comes to gender roles. when he is convinced that a woman should do the domestic stuff, i strongly believe that if women today are expected to work, men should share the homely responsibilities too.

we had a stupid fight yesterday concerning that matter. i’ll spare you the details. but what i did, was the biggest no-no by throwing out the most forbidden words in a relationship :

even He was better than you!

i really didn’t mean it. i didn’t even know where those words came from, but there i said it. it felt like i just threw up on somebody’s new white carpet in public and i couldn’t afford to bring myself to say how sorry i was. incapable of handling the injured situation, i packed my bags and left; sobbing like a lost girl.

i thought i could abolish the decay we have by leaving. truth is, things aren’t that simple anymore. as the days and months passed by, he and i are building a stronger bond in our subconsciousness. i rang the door bell shamefully. i felt like a complete idiot. we both knew we wanted to laugh; his smile peaked through his lips, though i managed to seal mine perfectly air-tight.

he rubbed my head gently and held my hand. grasping each other’s embrace, i think we both agreed that even though we all have different cultures, backgrounds, and believes, at the end of the day it doesn’t hurt to let loose our reins to make someone we truly love, happy. and just like that, i was loved all over once again. i’m glad i never leave.

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  1. “it felt like i just threw up on somebody’s new white carpet in public and i couldn’t afford to bring myself to say how sorry i was”

    wow that was a great story… and it had a happy ending… awwwwwww!!!

    Very well written… in my humble opinion.

    1. maybe it’s because a true story has true qualities. lol! & of course, thank you ^.^

  2. haha!so cute!!=D btw, where your darling from?

    1. hi there~ he’s from Spain. lol

  3. i have the same mindset as you when it comes to gender roles and once in a while, i remind my dude about it. i think when he pujuk u back, the sweetest thing is the sincerity and the feeling of being enveloped in love again ..

    1. Quote : enveloped in love <-- why didn't i think of that? if i did i would've written that in my post! XD

  4. You are so right ! Couples quarrel, even great couples. It doesn’t matter what the issue is. But the most important thing that I always remind myself is that the reason we fight and argue and quarrel and nag….is cos we care. Underlying all that quarreling is the undeniable feelings we have for the other person. So as long as we care for the other, things will work out. Compromising and putting your ego aside is something you’d do without even blinking. 😀
    Wish you guys the best !!!! 🙂

    1. *LIKE*!!! agree so much with your 2nd last sentence. wish U all the best too Liz~! may our <3 blossom like Sakura flowers. T-hee!

  5. Great to hear that all is well 🙂

    1. was it too cheesy for humorous ken’s liking? hehe!!

  6. i think you understand each other well because you are still willing to forgive & forget after something bad happens 🙂

    keep that true love growing! good luck xxx

    1. thank you~ i wish to go there sometime too… <3

  7. very well-written post which I think many can relate to 🙂

    1. hope u enjoyed reading it! ^_^

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