Five Cinspirations: Travel Hunts

Here are 5 artsy Cinspirations harvested during my 1 month travel, that add excitement to more fabulous weeks to come.

1. This dress from Tossa, Catalunya


{because I’m visiting Pulau Redang for the first time this August, and I look forward to have a romantic stroll along the coast with É when sunset hits, in this batik-inspired bareback maxi}

2. This turban from Capadoccia, Turkey


{another addition to my hipster collection, this piece would be perfect for my trip to Nepal next year; as it has two pieces of cloth hanging from each side to protect one’s face from dust, and an evil eye to guard off dangerous people, if any}

3. This red, red leather heart from Budapest, Hungary


{because it helps keep coins in place, in such a lovely way}

4. This bookmark from Prague, Czech Republic


{because Mole & His Friends is a childhood cartoon my brother and I grew up with, and now this new addition to my ‘travel bookmarks collection’ will accompany me; as we discover more stories together throughout my book odyssey}

5. This hot air ballon trinket from Turkey


{as it brightens up an otherwise less noticeable corner in my room, where the curtains sleep}


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