The Happy Place


At the map of my mind there is a spot called the ‘happy place’. It was just another day when I had a conversation with my mind, and she had the brilliant idea of declaring one spot of my brain island as: the happy place. What is it all about?

This hideout is an escape to regain serenity and a peace of mind. Whenever you are sad and down or simply stressed out, know that you have a place to go. We are all born with an imagination, so let’s put it to some good use.

Imagine your brain as a map – spread it wide, go all ‘helicopter view’ on it, pick a spot that you like and drop a pin there. This spot, is your Happy Place, and it is all yours to claim! You can visit it anytime.

Everyone can have his or her own Happy Place and each of them is special, because no happy place will look the same; just like how my mind won’t be programmed as yours. So design it all you want. Fill it with things, people, and memories that makes you happy, and remember to pin a smile on your lips once you get there. 🙂

I hope this trick helps make your days a little happier when all else fails. We are all responsible for our own happiness, and there is only one place to expect it.

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