Cakap Tak Guna


How often have you heard of a brand preaching about an ambitious tagline that they just don’t practice?

I, for one, have noticed many and I must say that if you can’t deliver, perhaps it’s best to keep it down. You know what they say – “Action speaks louder than words.


Recently I’ve been introduced to a new telco service in Malaysia called “Altel“. It is the latest telco operating in Malaysia after being a start up, that has won the LTE spectrum license from the government.


If you don’t yet know, Altel has launched an unbiased digital platform for their consumers to share their thoughts and opinions of their current service provider, with hope to improve their experience in future and to develop an end product based on what consumers really want and need.

This, is what “staying true to the brand’s tagline” (of converging communities) actually means.


Joshua, Daphne and myself went to one of Altel’s roadshows to lend our support by voicing out what we think our dream telco service should be, and had lots of fun together playing the “Campak, Tembak dan Menang” game.


Experiencing any frustrations with your current service provider? Share what your dream telco should be like at and make sure to check out Altel’s cool and urban Facebook page here!

This post is brought to you by Altel, a unique telco company which ambition I admire. Thank you so much for supporting bold companies that keep Cin City possible. 


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