Celebrating Our 4th Anniversary

At The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort



We cut through a tunnel which cut through a hill. I tried to count the number of circles our van made before reaching the 18th Century French castle-inspired resort since it is located only 45 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur but lost count.

The theme for this year’s anniversary is ‘eudaemonia’ – is there a place more ideal than the first organic wellness spa resort in Malaysia? The Chateau is an idyllic haven lavishly nestled amidst the lush tropical rainforest, boasting expansive views stretching into sloping hills. É nicknamed our newfound gem “Malaysian Sintra” while I called it “Laputa” from Miyazaki’s Castle in The Sky.



Upon arrival, we were greeted with a 7-star service as promised. To start, a refreshing Lemon Honey Mint mocktail to wash away accumulated fatigue after surviving countless hairpin turns. Next, the castle tour en route to our room!


If we had to choose only ONE word to describe this place, it’d be ‘luxurious’. From plush interiors to finer details like organic olive oil-based conditioner from Italy, can a girl not feel like a princess? Being here simply means one thing & that is you’re in for a memorable, magnificent stay.



Our lunches were at La Vie, which means ‘The Life’ in French, subtly hinting the way of life is seeing it through rose-colored glass. I made sure to indulge 100% in their menu’s organic selections. Should the choices not suit you, there is a long list of non-organic dishes as well.

Appetizer was Mezze, a spread of organic goodness bursting with fresh notes. É’s mushroom soup was served in a deep bowl while my minestrone came with an unusual presentation, where soup was gently poured from a jug & flavored with a hint of pesto.

Main: Grilled chicken with citrus rice was a delight when I learned that there’s almost zero fat under the skin! Then I remembered that it’s organic. Of course, I ate the skin. Crispy, while the flesh deeply marinated.



The rest of the afternoon, we inhibited one of the Greek-like concrete pergolas draped with sheer white curtains facing the saltwater pool. Fresh clean white cotton towels were layered on, ready to absorb wet bums.

Whichever pergola you choose, the view promises to be fabulous as you can see the castle from every corner. We were lucky to have blue skies at the backdrop, adding to the existing fairytale effect. Life at that very moment was perfect.

My favorite fun fact of this particular pool is how it uses SALT & not chlorine. Even the skin feels softer after just a short dip!



It is only fitting to squeeze an hour of exercise into a wellness getaway. As it is still a holiday, I chose to do dynamic stretching instead of going crazy with the extensive equipment models they have & learned some kickboxing techniques for a change.



Glasshouse weddings seem to be trending in the Wedding Malaysia search, so brides-to-be here’s news for you!


There is a new architecture addition to the castle that is the enchanting glasshouse. An epitome for intimate gatherings or glamorous events, it is perfect for just any luxury wedding of your favorite theme; seeing they have the perfect wedding sets, wedding decoration & even wedding arrangements.



I never questioned about the size of my head until I had to hunt for the right riding hat. As it turns out, I’m a size 58.

My horse was a beautiful shimmering golden brown the color of caramel. Bonnie was her name & her daughter, Bonita. É’s was a handsome female horse in rich chestnut brown called Felicia.

After learning the basics of how to ride a horse 101: accelerate, stop, turn left/right, we hit the road! Please don’t let the idea scare you as it is very safe. You’ll have a hostler following you on foot from beginning to end. The whole experience takes approximately an hour.



If you are like me, who often Googles ‘Spa Getaway Malaysia’, this retreat is named ‘The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort’ for a R.E.A.S.O.N. Their signature massage is HIGHLY recommended. Their award-winning spa treatments here uses the world’s first seaweed based product. How interesting! Who would’ve thought one can find them here?



After what I consider to be the most professional massage ever had, we were whisked away to a secret hideout where a lovely picnic awaits within a small white hut.

I’ve always wondered if there are any organic farms near me. Can you name any? Finally, I can share with you the only one organic farm Bukit Tinggi that I know:

We strolled on a short path displaying train of cabbages, berries & a variety of organic plantation that led to a display which made me squeal – a basket tucked with organic fruits & pastries fresh from the baker’s oven:

& when you’re done, just call the resort’s number for a pickup back to to the resort!


Whether you are a spa & health enthusiast, a couple of romantics wanting to celebrate love, planning your next family trip, unsure of how to impress your premium corporate clients or simply want to relax while enjoying a delectable high tea, remember The Chateau (:


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