The Look of Love

Scarlet Silk, Red Lips, Tiny Hearts.

I consider packing to be one of life’s most tedious tasks. It doesn’t have to be, especially if you develop a packing formula or strategy that works. Nevertheless, some aspects, like picking & pairing pieces to match your bags & shoes inevitably take time; especially if you want to limit the number of bags & shoes to travel with.

When packing for our 4th-anniversary staycation, an exception happened. Considering the theme & the fact that I got a spanking new sexC scarlet top, for once, pulling the right clothes off the shelves became second nature to me. Matching said camisole with tiny red hearts was literally a no-brainer. The first time I saw it was in Zara Singapore, when there was only 1 piece in S left on the ENTIRE island (I’m an XS). Assuming you can consider me a professional shopper, allow me to share with you a shopping trick:

Despite being neighboring countries, Singapore always receives the latest products sooner compared to Malaysia. While that’s a pro, the con is that they run out faster too. So. If you happen to travel between the 2 countries often & you can’t find the size of something you can’t live without, my advise is to try your luck by making a call home to reserve the piece your heart desires. Basically, by the time Singapore runs out of something is usually the time Malaysia receives it.

It most probably works, it might not. Who knows? But there’s hope that you have a chance, & isn’t it hope that keeps us going?

ZARA camisole top
TOPSHOP skort (old)
COACH Cross-grain Leather Mini Christie Satchel
Les Néréides Anemone, Rose Buds & Faceted Glass Adjustable Ring
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