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Unlike other travellers, like some, like a smaller clan I know, (actually there’s only one girl name Sarah), I am the kind who has to write on-the-road because I have a goldfish memory when it comes to recording the tiny details. Tiny details are important. At the end of your travels, if you remember them, you’ll realize that they are the moments that matter more, if not the most.

My piece on Hokkaido includes some really hilarious moments taped during my stay at the prefecture, all thanks to our tour guide – an extremely courteous Japanese lady who is always almost half bowing in a half apologetic manner when she speaks. Her name, Akemi. Akemi really made Hokkaido, Hokkaido for me.

Back to me writing. I literally write, only when I’m seated in a train, if not a café. Most of the time, I ‘write’ by typing into my iPhone’s ‘Note’; until something happened recently that made me doubt its reliability. My piece on Hokkaido is MISSING. Probably deleted by accident. It’s exasperating, but not the end of the world. So here’s my goldfish attempt of storytelling:

1. Lake Mashu


It was a day revolved around nature. From breezy blue lakes with magic to hypnotise, to snoring volcanoes that fart sulfur like no one’s watching, Akan National Park marked us with its scenic natural beauty.


{Rare white branches}


{The mystical Lake Mashu is in many instances – fogged. If you can see it, that means you will find the love of your life soon! Though I’m not sure how that applies to those who already found theirs}


{Golden branches of Midas’s touch}

I used to get people telling me that if I get any skinnier, the wind will blow me away.

A visit to Lake Mashu has proven them right – in a way. At 48kg, I was literally MOVED by mighty wind thrice despite my best efforts to force every muscle of my feet to grip on to the solid ground. Ain’t workin’. That’s exactly how strong the wind was.

2. Mount Io-zan


A half an hour ride from Lake Mashu found us ringed by the grand beauty of Mont Io-zan. My Lord, is it grand.


Dark piping mountains, encircled by slow smoke flavoring the air with sulfur, and the countless unseen little thirwling sand dust at its foot made for the perfect picture opportunity. All you need to catch, or should I say understand, is how to manipulate the sun.


{P.S. Don’t miss our the opportunity to make your own Onsen Egg}


{Yee-Haw fashion post here}


{Simple: seafood bowl lunch}

3. Ohotsk Tokkari Centre




The three words: ‘Ohotsk Tokkari Centre’ may not sound anything that resemble seals, cuteness overload, or loving kindness, but for me, it was all about that.


{More loving than cute, I always catch seals either smiling or ‘kissing’}


At the centre, we watched with amazement how a squeaky Japanese girl in waterproof suit fed these slippery guys with tender loving care and respect (even better than how some humans treat other human beings sometimes). Seeing how adorable these creatures are when they flap their flippers to wave goodbye or to tap their stomach for fish would warm any cold soul.


{This picture has quite a lot to tell when observed long enough}

4. Ohotsk Tower


Opposite the Tokkari Centre is a bridge connecting the Ohotsk Tower, where ice breaking is performed during winter. There is an entire science behind this ice story and endless researches being done underground; about planktons, noise frequencies, or what happens to an egg when it’s placed under pressure beneath the ice, but what amazed me the most was Clione Limacina, the sea angel a.k.a. naked sea butterfly.


{Visit Hokkaido in winter for the ice breaking experience}


{More giant marbles, fishermen nets and scallop shells decorating the tower}


{Lucky star shining bright in contrasting colors}


{My ‘super model’ shot of the day}

Read my first Hokkaido travelogue here.

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