Angelina Paris


When I found out about this romantic Parisian tearoom established in 1903, I swore to make it there whether I live or die. Time was our enemy but the weather was our friend. Exaggerated? I don’t think so! Not when these big names in fashion like . . .


{True story. P.S. Be prepared for a queue, anytime of the day, or year}


{Angelina’s world famous old-fashioned hot chocolate is a MUST. It is made of 3 kinds of carefully selected cocoa picked from Africa, giving it its unique taste and texture}

Tips to travel lavishly on a smart budget:

  • To give you an idea, a chocolat chaud costs 8.2 euros, and a Mont-Blanc, 9 euros.
  • Make sure you have a bottle of water with you because this tearoom experience will most likely get too sweet for most, and a bottle of water here costs like a bomb.
  • Opt to share with a partner its signature meringue, as it is filled with whipped cream inside (have my word that it can get too heavy).


{The true meaning of sophisticated indulgence}


 {Group picture with fellow blogger friends. Thanks, AirAsia X for buying us this elegant experience!}


{Angelina’s shop, where its shelves are organized with a variety of delicatessen}

Bonus Tip:

So I bought a bottle of Angelina’s Hot Chocolate; which is stored in a glass bottle, and here’s what happened. I didn’t dare to check it in with my luggage; fearing that it might break and soak all my clothes with exquisite chocolate, so I opted for hand carry. Alas! Each bottle contains more than 100ml of liquid so I had to throw away a 10 euros piece at the airport just-like-that. Moral of the story? NOT a very practical souvenir buy.


Instead, drink all the chocolat you can while you’re there; even if you’re starting to feel sick. It’s quality of taste and experience? Two thumbs pinkies up.


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  1. i did tried to check in bottles of beer before. and they didn’t explode! phew! i wrapped them with newspaper and layers of plastic bags though =.=

    but my flight was just 3 hours…

  2. I nearly needed to throw away 4 glass bottles of peanut butter when I left London for Rome. Pleaded with the staff and thankfully after some hassle and negotiation (and still enough time to board the plane), the British were real nice people as they allowed me to check in at the last minute.

    Lesson learnt – Always check in food items , no matter big or small, in glass or plastic 🙂

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