Good Sunday everyone~ How has your CNY been so far? i’ve been havin’ fun and so does my maid! 🙂

Well, this is not a post about my CNY (as i need more time to ‘process’ those lovely pictures), but here are some shots from my parents’ previous visit to KL.


Scarf | Monorial Market

Tank | Forever21

Studded Leggings | Topshop

Chained Ballets | Dorothy Perkins

Dad drove us all the way to Klang for bakuteh lunch.



No BKT lunch is complete without hot Chinese tea in small teacups.

i accessorized with dangling necklace and ring by Diva :




i got this scarf @ a random shop next to a monorail station many years ago and have been using it until today. Love the rustic colour and Arabic inspired prints.


One of the hardest thing to find is a pair of goody ol’ shoes and this is my favourite pair of black ballets. 


The very Malaysian Chinese lunch.


Delicious piping hot pot of bakuteh (ribs tea soup).

For dinner, dad took us to a hidden restaurant @ Kampung Jawa serving the most scrumptious dishes ever :




Fried lala meehoon.


This is not any kinda noodles, neither is it lau shu fen; i forgot what it’s called but it’s sooo tasty!!!


Grilled lamb & Mint sauce was the highlight that evening.


Fried Calamari Mari Mari Mari~!




Truth is, i was only posing with the hammer. Mum insisted to do all the job.. T__________T


Smoked Marmite Giant Crabs <— Da Yummsss!!!!!


And that’s how i NEVER fail to spend my Sunday when my parents are around – jalan-jalan cari makan.

Maybe that’s where i got it from – the whole thing about Live to Eat, not Eat to Live. Which one do you preach? 😉

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  1. that noodle in ‘hokkien’ call ‘zi hun gen’
    you should visit klang more..cuz its still have a lot hidden
    restaurant that serve you nice food that u ever eat before
    hahaa..welcome to klang.

    1. u should take me! i only know Hing Ket Grill House lololol~

  2. hey yo sweety cin ^^

    this is dan from fbk since long time already ^^ thanks for sharing ya blog and updates, lovely and wanna drop a few words tat ya time with parents was cool. those foods were awesome just wish tat i could try them when i go back msia next time….! ^^ i guess u are in multi media field right. ya mc and modeling look great O< sure u ve killed many men already. yah ya… hee ^^ cheers cin take gd care and stay pretty O< if next time u drop by hong kong can let me know sure u know someone here, just tat if i could show u around here lo…^^ alright cya H.K contact (852)65473778. P.S 852 is country code only , can call directly to 654…if calling in h.k ^^ oh..happy rabbit year for yA. BYE 🙂

    1. hi Dan, thanks for sending me this comment. i haven’t received such a sincere 1 in such a longgg time. i don’t know when i’ll visit HK (never have the chance to yet) but i’ll definitely remember & call ya if i go. take care! 😉

  3. I think the second dish is called “zhi hun ken” in Hokkien if not mistaken.

    1. oh ya it is!! thank Q!

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