Happy Chinese New Year!!! What is everybody wearing today? 🙂

Tip : i would suggest a dress instead of a pair of pants – a loose dress so you can eat all you want!


Here is how you can be all comfy even with a belly this festive season; without having to wear your pyjamas! 😀




Embellished Tunic (Blue) | The Pop Look

Matching Bracelets | Diva, Heart Attack

Chain Ballets | Dorothy Perkins

Metallic Nail Polish | Topshop


Tip 2 : Just because it’s Chinese New Year doesn’t mean you have to wear red from head-to-toe! A simple statement like this red stone botón charro earrings will do the work in a more delicate fashion for you.


Don’t forget a pair of black sunnies on your way out for a chic touch! 8)


Don’t you just love the embellished statement on this beautiful blue tunic? i hope this post gives you some inspiration for today.

On a different note, i found another way for you to get some cold hard cash this Chinese New Year besides collecting ang pows! All you gotta do is reload your phones with a minimum of RM10 a total of 10 times in a month from now till 28 February!


See that * sign next to the word “Reload”? If you look closely, it is a + + x = * quotation; which means the more you reload (+), and the more times you reload (x) = the more you’re rewarded!

It’s literally killing 2 birds with 1 stone cuz you’ll have to make a lot of calls this festive season anyway. Here’s how it works 😉


When you hit your 10th reload you will get RM10 FREE CREDIT and will immediately be in the running for the big prize of COLD HARD CASH!

Here are the different cash prizes up for grabs for XPAX, U.O.X. and S.O.X. members :


Now that you’ve learnt how, the next time you see the * sign, it means you can reload your phone at that location.

Good luck in winning the 8888… kiong hee huattt zaiii ahhhhh~! 😀

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  1. Awwww I LOVE that blue dress XD And btw, you look super hot. Why didn’t you ever try out to be a model?

  2. hi cindy, mind tell me whats the brand/name of the eye brow stick or pen ur using with price?

    1. hi Chloe, i’m using Lancome & Shu Eumura. price is around 60. not more than that if i’m not mistaken. 😉

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