Macau: Guia Fortress


In some peculiar ways, Guia Fortress’s hilly adventure transported my memories back to Dalt Vila, Ibiza; all while recording new ones of Macau. Though by far incomparable, it is the closest I could get to that piece of Balearic paradise one would miss so dearly. To those who had been to both, did you feel the resemblance between the two places?

On a good day, the journey one can take home from visiting Guia would be one so lovely. I can foresee her as an everyday hangout place for the locals both young and old; going for a good jog, ending the light excursion with a romantic note at the top while enjoying sips of H2O.

Whether you are traveling to Macau soon or even if you never plan to, here are some bits and pieces of what was in store for us:


{This guy was hiding in the corner and gave us a great shock! If you have heart attack, be prepared}


{Sheau Torng hid in a corner to play peak-a-book too}


{Oh, sturdy machine}


{En route via the shallow tunnel to discover Guia fortress}


{This is how you capture flying doves . . . or white pigeons, more likely}


{Round kitty}


 {Clearly posing}


{Giant dandelion-lookalike tree framing Macau bridge from above}


{The little fortress}


{I can hardly picture anyone who wouldn’t take a picture at / of this spot after all that climbing!}


{And if this canon was working . . .}


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