Bonjour August


Usually, I play the dominant role of greeting the beginning of a new month; wondering what’s in store or how to make it better. This time however, August welcomed me with warm arms and a tight hug. “We are flying to Paris”, it said. My heart grew so big it almost burst like a fat balloon. I must be dreaming! Only that I wasn’t.

Last year, I took a 7 months break from toiling and travelled to 7 different countries. (Best. Decision. Ever.) This year, since I resumed working life, time flies faster than I once did. For the past 7 months, my only escapades were mostly through books, writing during lunch breaks, movie / DVD marathons on weekends, or hitting ‘Like’ on a friend’s travel photo album on Facebook.

In some sad, pathetic way I lost my sense of connection with the world, especially after Hong Kong was so terribly unkind to me. But things started to turn around and smile back at me again when I received an email from AirAsia X yesterday, about a sponsored trip to Paris-Toulouse in the next 10 days to come! Imagine my excitement. 😀

Aside from traveling, August will be about tightening up loose connections, celebrating friendship love and planning random little surprises. I’m also currently working on a medium-sized project which I can’t reveal yet, but hopefully will take place during the next few months to come.

I hope August fills you with unexpected surprises and utmost productivity. À bientôt! 



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  1. […] hope it doesn’t sound too boastful because that’s not my point. August was full of surprises, September was all about toiling through weekends, and as for October, it brought me the purest […]

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