Kuching in One Day


Throwing our gazes far away to the east from the peninsula with the occasional question in our heads, “how worthy is it to fly across?”; I’ve finally got mine answered when AirAsia sponsored me to a great trip as seen here. In conjunction to that, I managed to take the opportunity to explore Kuching, the fascinating city of cats.

At the end of this post you will find my own version of One Day in Kuching travel itinerary, complete with a list of MUST things to eat in the city, specially for food lovers. Although I am not a Kuchingnite, I am confident to say that the list is constructed out of research done by my awesome dad, approved by the locals there and my fellow Kuching friends. Have a nice holiday!

p.s. This itinerary is ONLY for Kuching. I personally think that spending one full day there is enough. The rest of your trip should be spent exploring other parts of Sarawak i.e. Gua Mulu, national park(s), and of course, the Rainforest World Music Festival.


{an hour of waiting for the bus from Damai to Kuching}


{fish eye look taken with normal lens}


{the meow paw pose}


{Striped Butterfly fashion post here}


{entering the city’s gate into Kuching town}


{searching for THE BEST kolo mee}

Turned out that the owner of THE BEST kolo went for a vacation and the second best was closed too – for two days in a row. What luck! So we simply had one for the sake of having:


{Sarawak Kolo Mee}


{my dear high school friend, Gan, was so (SO) kind to tapao / takeaway this version for us and sent it all the way to the airport right before we leave; just so we have a taste of the real kolo mee}


{a walk along the breezy riverfront}


{had to keep my sunnies for good from this point onwards because the sky started melting}


{stylish shot}


{had to run because of the rain (and also because Gan also tapao-ed the laksa I wanted and I couldn’t wait to eat it!!!)}


{guess where I went next}


{Kenny’s gym I’ve been wanting to visit since what felt like forever. Love this picture of us showing off our beautiful rows of teeth}


{can you lift a pair of 60KGs? I weigh < 50}


{spot my #OOTD red and black bag – the heaviest ‘bag’ I ever carried}


{MUST DRINK: sugarcane coconut at Ching Chang drink stall}


{the beautiful evening view after the rain}


{Big Guy and Ultraman}


{dear ol’ Gan from my hometown}


{went for a romantic boat ride with my two guys across the river in search for something sweet}


{MUST BUY: Sarawak’s Kuih Lapis / layered cake at Mira Cake House}


{MUST DINE: cheap seafood at Top Spot, not Topshop}


{MUST HAVE: Sarawak O-cien / oyster omelette – made not with egg but crispy batter accompanied with dipping sauce}


{MUST HAVE: LOBSTER (in whichever flavor you like) because it is considered really cheap here}


{signing off}

One Day in Kuching (Suggested) Travel Itinerary


  1. Take a walk around Fort Margherita (opposite the city’s waterfront)
  2. Have a coffee break by the waterfront
  3. Visit Hong San Temple, which is said to be Kuching’s finest
  4. Refresh yourself with sugarcane coconut at Ching Chang Drink Stall
  5. Take a romantic boat ride to buy Kuih Lapis at Mira Cake House


Best Laksa (Breakfast / Brunch):
Golden Arch Commercial Centre,
2nd Floor, Bangunan Terminal.
Tel: 082-628792


Best Sarawak Kolo Mee (Breakfast / Brunch):
Noodle Descendants A1,
Jalan Padungan, Kuching.


Best Seafood Dinner:
Top Spot Food Court (try Ling Long Restaurant)
Jalan Padungan / Bukit Mata Kuching.
Things to order:
1. Oyster Omelette
2. Lobster (cooked in any way)
3. Red Snapper
4. Sayur Midin Belacan
5. Lovely, lightly fried jungle ferns

p.s. All these places are not far away from each other, but beware of dishonest taxi drivers. Don’t say i didn’t warn you! 



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  1. Interesting post.
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