Borneo Love!


Ever since i started blogging, i have written countless advertorials for various products / brands / services. Ever since i started blogging, i also wished that i could do so with AirAsia as i am a HUGE fan of affordable flights, given that i love traveling almost as much as my life.

Imagine my thrill when i received an email invitation from AirAsia few weeks ago to go on a sponsored trip to Sarawak for the Borneo Rainforest Music Festival! Having waited for so long and after hearing so many interesting comments about the annual fiesta, i immediately got my tickets to Sri Lanka postponed to the following week without any hesitation.

In the nutshell, i was satisfied with the whole RWMF journey and experience. Sarawak was the only state left in Malaysia that i had not visited, making it the one and only place in Malaysia i’ve been longing to visit for a very long time. Spanned out in a course of 3 days 2 nights stay, i managed to tick off each item on my travel To-Do-List, thanks to Sarawak Tourism Board. With them on board + AirAsia, i lived again what i’d love to call: Exclusivity redefined!

Here i unfold to you my photo diary of the very first day:


{7 A.M. catching a flight at dawn never fails to captivate me with naturally painted skies in between like so}


{1.30 P.M. neat array of chalets; one of them being mine for the whole weekend}


{my cosy room fit for a PARTY!}


{going crazy hashtagging #airasia #aaexperience #aarainforest #rwmf2013 #sarawaktourismboard on Instagram}


{the gigantic aloe vera outside from Monster University}


{is that a broken ship?}


{3 P.M. lunch and . . . mixed fruits?}


{7 P.M. hopping my way happily to the main stage (and got myself a tattoo on the way – what’s a Borneo experience without getting inked?!)}




{after : flaunting fairy tattoo on sexc back}


{used the Heineken ‘shortcut’ bamboo route for a total RWMF experience; which was super challenging by the way, especially when there is human traffic coming from the other side}


{enjoyed FREE beers, living the #aaexperience at #aarainforest}


{11 P.M. more pictures of the massive concert / fun festival / loco party}


{a Turkish band that blew us away with their splendid performance to end our first night at RWMF}


{back again tomorrow for MORE loco-ness, stay tuned!}


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