Pintxo atún con cebolla y tomate


Tapas is undeniably one of the things that i’ve learned to grow so fond of; there’s no way to get enough of them at bars but from the comfort of my very own kitchen. This past weekend i made Pintxo (ironically, without the toothpicks) or also known as Pinchos (my favorite bar as frequently seen here). Apparently, you can find a huge spread of colorful, complex pinxtos in the bars at Basque country, but i reckon this one i’m about to serve you is just as appetizing with its great combination of crunchy toast, soft onion, and meaty tuna.







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  1. sedap buat berbuka puasa ni –
    kad Hari Raya tiada ke Cindy for ur readers?

    1. tak jadi send kad, tapi i hope u r having a good Hari Raya right now! maaf zahir & batin ^^

  2. yum .. look delicious ..

  3. Oh dear god..nak skit! Is it after the Hollywood we “went” after that you tried to make it your own? Hehehehe..

    1. hmm… i also tak ingat wei. but i don’t think it’s this one. (my post damn outdated one wtf)

  4. Very simple.. and I believed it’s yummy… ^_^

    1. it is; & easy to make too ^^

  5. they dont look greasy. good job! 🙂

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