Turkey Business


When you roast a turkey, you are in for a serious business. Right now you are seeing the bird that made us sweat like pigs; the hero of the night that made us heroes, a star made by . . . champions. (Ehem!) Might sound like i’m exaggerating, but I DO feel like a proud mother having done this baby right. 8)

Here’s what i learned: When in doubt and if you wanna be 100% safe, combine two good recipes. Such is a case where 2 is definitely better than 1. Ai Rene sent me a very useful link by Fast Ed on how to cook the perfect Christmas turkey but as perfect as it may seem, i felt like something was missing in the recipe. To improve the basic, i refer to my second favorite chef after my mother, ‘Chef’ Moi.

There are 3 parts in making this giant dish. Stuffing – Turkey – Gravy. For each section, i combined 2 recipes. First, learn how to prep your turkey (this is extremely crucial). Second, watch and take notes on how Fast Ed does it. Then, give the links provided below a good read. Jamie O writes beautifully.


IMG_3132Rustic Rosemary

Get stuffed here.



The following makes a whole world of difference to your turkey. And by that, i mean the meat. Ever had a piece that tastes like it just came out of a barn? That’s why you should marinate your bird, like this. Then continue with the Best Christmas Turkey recipe. Wa la la, you’re on your way to success!


IMG_3118IMG_3148Rustic RosemaryIMG_3115IMG_3208

Ralf and Big Guy was totally skeptical when they saw me mushing my awesomesauce. i don’t blame them; i was skeptical myself! Until . . . our guests confessed their love and finished it almost to its last drop. To make this gravy, combine this recipe with the juice of your roast turkey. (It should have 2 cups of chicken broth + 2 cups of orange juice too, if you combine it with Ed’s.)

Practice makes perfect. Have fun roasting!


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