Location: Zambujeira


Where Unicorn-Pink Sunsets Exist

Outside our dusty VW window panes breathes a different world. Surrounding us are tree canopies that look like brush strokes in a painting, resembling green clouds rooted to yards and yards of hay. To the right is a lonely white house stolen from a scene of Jane Austen’s book, existing solely for passerby-s’ imagination, so I think. Who lives inside?

A gentle rocky car ride accompanied by the laughters of a big hearted Portuguese family brought its passengers to a cliff with generous view glittering in evening sunlight.

Zambujeira is where I saw the most beautiful / amazing / you-name-it pink sunset in Portugal, a place I highly recommend to come for dinner with a carafe of white wine starting from 6 no later than 8 p.m., that is the ‘sunset window’ in Portugal during summer.



{the pink, purple, orange hues you see are REAL, not edited}




Restaurante O Sacas is available for dining indoors and outdoors. Tables are covered with colourful sardines tablecloth. I finally tried Feijoada de Buzios (a MUST-TRY) and sting ray Portuguese-style. Personally, I prefer the grilled ones ala Malaysia.

Restaurante O Sacas 

Address: Entrada da Barca 7630-734, 7630-174, Portugal

Phone: +351 283 961 151

Hours: 10 a.m. – 11.30 p.m. everyday except closed on Wednesdays.





On the way back we witnessed a half eclipse and couldn’t resist stopping by the curb side to take photos of luna over the fence.

It goes without saying that the route was incredibly scenic – narrow roads tight-lined with trees and patches of sunset melting into the silent backdrop.

* * *


The next day . . .

En route on foot to Praia de Zambujeira do Mar (Zambujeira do Mar beach), we trotted past village-style apartment houses freshly painted bright white with their windows outlined in blue or yellow. They all have one thing in common and that is each residence has traditional Portuguese tiles plastered on them. If you have the time, enjoy exploring this summery fisherman town and do some window / souvenir shopping.


Crystal blue skies remain unshaken by the strong wind that is a tad too cold even for the Portuguese. As the beach was too windy, we left after taking some photos with our eyes and lenses. (From this point onwards I captured everything with iPhone – my DSLR had a 1 litre bath in my large Longchamp bag as my water bottle cap opened by accident when we were busy carrying our bags into the *hotel.)

*In Zambujeira, we stayed at Zmar Eco Experience resort, which I am writing with hopes you’ll avoid. While the idea of a cabin hotel made of cork sounds hip and cool, it isn’t something I’d recommend. For 300€ a night, we got a super late check in (7 p.m.), our cars became dusty AF, suitcase wheels muddy AF, shaky toilet seats, narrow rooms, no phones to call receptionist (you have to DRIVE there), etc. etc.. It simply got its name because of the Festival of The South-West is held nearby its vicinity, making it a convenient choice for concert-goers. 

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