Lemon Chicken For The Soul

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Lemon Chicken for the Soul

Changing Your Chickens One Lemon at a Time.

On days you don’t feel like dining out but simply are too exhausted to cook for one, two or five at home, the best resort is usually reaching out to ‘short and sweet’ recipes that:

  • Are one-pot / one-dish meals.
  • Fit in a single post-it note, stuck on your fridge.
  • Use basic ingredients you always have at home.
  • Can be prepared under 30 minutes.

Whenever I also feel like a light dinner, this tasty lemon chicken dish becomes my pick-me-up. It’s sauce at-the-side also doubles as a salad dressing, so I’m really killing two birds with one stone.

Lemon Chicken for the Soul


2 chicken thighs


1T plain flour
1/4t salt
1T soy sauce


Lemon sauce:
Juice of 1 lemon
Lemon rind
2T water
2T sugar
1/4t salt
1/4t pepper


Sauce Thickening:
1 1/2t cornflour
2T water


  1. Make sure chicken is patted dry for best results.
  2. Prepare all 3 parts of the ingredients list (marinade, lemon sauce and thickening) in small bowls separately.
  3. Pour the marinade mixture and coat the chicken evenly.
  4. In a pan, cook the lemon sauce followed by thickening using low heat. Set aside.
  5. Rinse the pan / get a new one, and pan fry the chicken till cooked thoroughly.
  6. Serve soulfully with lemon sauce and salad greens.


Lemon Chicken for the SoulLemon Chicken for the SoulLemon Chicken for the Soul

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