Queso con Manzanas

i missed eating in a bikini by the pool so i planned to host a Spanish dinner for my girl friends. As i flipped through my cookbook to prepare the menu, i saw this interesting dish from Asturias. It’s a quaint yet marvelous combination of apples and cheese with chopped almonds:


No doubt the star ingredient should be the apple, but coincidentally not a single green apple could be found in Cold Storage on that particular day. To add more weigh to that setback, i didn’t have a madoline to ring the apples. Determined with my desire, i bought red apples and used a peeler instead; while other things remained the same.


Apple cider for the very first time.





Por favor, sé amable con los comentarios.. Please be gentle with the comments.. i really tried my best to buy, beg, and borrow some green apples and a madoline. 🙁

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  1. You’re cooking now as well!

      1. I feel depressed. You don’t read my blog? I post up recipes almost everyday!

      2. just read your blog; very nice pics! 😀

  2. Nice! Well, I love cooking too, and sometimes a mix & match or switch & swap could lead to something extraordinary!!!


    1. as long we don’t mix peanut butter and soy sauce hahaha~!

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