The Best French Bakery in KL

tommy le baker I am not a die hard fan of bread except for roti canai but with a european husband at home, knowing where to find a bakery becomes a necessity. Enter: Tommy Le Baker. tommy le baker Certified by many Europeans we know locally, É and I decided to test out the legendary bakery. The result: Testimonials approved! Even if you don’t trust my judgement, I suppose you can trust the Europeans whose staple is bread to get this recognition assured. tommy le baker We’ve been here a few times now instead of getting a Subway footlong. If you love a good bread, they are incomparable. Inside the cosy café is a magic bread factory looking quite bare but you can kinda feel the secrets of dough baking inside busy warm ovens. tommy le baker É recommends the Ribeye Steak Sandwich, which he faithfully pursues. It comes in 2 sizes but we think a 1/2 length is enough for a man, needless to say for a woman. I personally love to have it with Cafe Parisien, but do go for a bigger cup of coffee if you are gonna have a slice of cake too. tommy le bakertommy le baker Speaking of cakes, I had just met my favorite cake in town – the La Joconde or ‘housecake’. It was just like meeting É – a love I didn’t find but arrived unexpectedly, and I don’t feel like I need to seek any further. For both, because they are so special. For the cake, because it is not too sweet (very important in my books) and is constructed with different layers of texture; all smooth, fluffy and creamy. tommy le baker Why did I learn about it so late? I told É that I want my birthday cake to be only this from now on. tommy le baker P.S. If you are a lady planning to have all the aforementioned, be warned that you will definitely feel very stuffed after, so sharing is probably a good idea. tommy le baker A wise idea though might be to have the cheese platter, which costs about only RM26. This option allows you to try a selection of their many kinds of bread species to go with cheeses. We would have tried it by now, if the workers there are as good in marketing as they are in baking. tommy le baker If you don’t see many people seating around, don’t judge that it is not good. Most of Tommy’s customers buy them home or get them delivered. tommy le baker Tip for a balanced meal: Back home, make sure to chop up some fruits or at least make a juice to complete your breakfast / lunch.

tommy le baker
Address: Unit A-1-3A, Viva Residency, 3rd Mile Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur.
Opening Hours: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Close: Mondays)
Online Delivery:
Contact: +603-4043 2546  


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