Life Is . . .

What’s life really about?

i walked the cities, touched many walls, danced at parties, looked around, and all i see is people busy doing things trying to forget, or recreate, if not celebrate. Day after day. . . the same celebration, different crowd. Countless bottles popping, dresses glittering; brighter than the disco ball, club owners earn money, club owners lose money, trend dies, unfaithful customers move. Same ritual playing on repeat again and again.

Something more low key finds you drown under layers of endless chatters deafening at bars / pubs with cheeky names. Desperate men getting drunk, lonely women trying to get laid, men and women trying to maintain proper (dying inside just to be themselves or fart like crazy). Either or, somehow every one starts exchanging telephone numbers, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Kilogram . . .

Please don’t feel offended. i loiter at these places myself and i do enjoy a cocktail or two with my girl friends every now and then. However, i can’t stop myself from questioning:

So, what’s life really about???

Anyone could answer that question in million different ways. But if i were to add the word really to it, with the 3 times italic performance (in case you haven’t noticed; which kinda makes you think twice about something) i. honestly. do. not. know. the. answer. to. that!

Perhaps it is unfair for me to put such big question in a party scene. Say i were to place it in an office. Will the conclusion of my elaboration be any different? As the answer is no, better the fun scenario, yes?

Concurrently, i would say life is about making decisions (because almost every other minute we are). Living with them. Making peace with what you have / can’t have. Strive for happiness. Question the meaning of happiness. Gaining then learning how to lose happiness. Identify the 48736723013th dream. Figure a plan to make it work. Get lost. Find directions. Still lost (this time with money). Wish you have a ‘GPS’. Realized that could be God. Realized God could be a 50% 50% situation. Question the existence of God. Wonder at the beautiful planet – someone must have created it! Draw back to where you are – in that bar. What are we doing with our time?

So i figured:

When torn between two choices, ask yourself what’s best for you, because no one knows but you. p.s. Choosing neither is also an option. We often forget that.

The happiest people are those who know how to make peace with what they have. It need not be strived, but ironically, happiness requires effort. As a matter of fact, we need to lose it, to feel it (again). 做人要会拿得起,放得下。 If you can pick it up, you can drop it too.

On dreams, read The Pursuit of Dreams.

Money makes the your world go round. Without it, things can’t move, and a flat world is as bad as a lie it once was about The World. Save as much as you can, because dreams can be expensive. If you lose a painful amount, know that money can always be earned back; unless you lend – stupidly. Don’t owe – because it hurts the soul. Your soul.

On days you find yourself helpless at a dead end in a dark room, shut everything / everyone. Close your eyes, and pray. It doesn’t matter what you believe in / don’t believe in. Try. When the heart finds peace, you’ve found ‘God’ (or a step closer at least). With a peaceful heart comes a clearer mind, and a clear mind does things truthful, and better – for you.

If all else fails, drink alcohol.

(But always beware.)

Time is gold ticking. Every second is gold.


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  1. “If all else fails, drink alcohol.”

    Helps a lot.

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