Beach Essentials


i once asked a stranger on a train to Granada where he thinks is the fine line between dream and reality. His reply was humble.

“You are living in a dream. You are traveling, right? So you see many beautiful things; like these olive trees . . . That’s your ‘dream’. But don’t forget that at the same time, you have to take care of your heavy camera (pointing with his eyes to my DSLR), pick pockets, etcetera. That’s where i think the fine line exists, if you ask me.”

At first, i thought his answer was pretty lousy for such a big, general question. After filtering his words in my head a few times, i wonder if he was that wrong after all.


Many times i find myself caught in between the delightfulness of swimming by the shores, and having to constantly look back at my beach spot; worried if someone stole my camera, my phone, my goddamn wallet . . . when all i want is just to get a golden tan with a little help of the sun sea breeze, listen to iPod the soothing sound of crashing waves; keeping it to zero activities and a free mind. So, what can you do to eliminate the little vacation restrictions?

You just have to allow yourself to.

In this post i captured some essential tools i think crucial, if not necessary, for a perfect noon by the beach – (bright) flip flops, linen, good book, a glass of wine, crazy company, and lots of love (in replacement of gadgets). You’ll see. 😉 Instead of bringing your whole wallet, put some loose change in your shorts’ pocket. You never know when you crave for an ice cream. Or two!


{always pick your location wisely: ☑ a clean beach with blue sea}


{☑ bright flip flops}


{☑ comfortable linen, also seen here}


{☑ a good book, this one by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love}


{☑ a fat ass glass of wine}


{☑ great company}


{i mean, crazy. the crazier the better actually ☑}


{because then you can be yourself, do anything, happily and comfortably 😀 }


{☑ lots of love – for the tree}


{for your girl friends too ☑}

Add On(s) :


{☑ kisses for little J}


{☑ ask somebody else to take memorable pictures for you}

p.s. Never ever leave your sunblock behind! 8)

What’s in your beach essential list?


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