5 Things

Here are the 5 things that made my week.

1. These happy pink flowers


{because they smile back at you while shyly bathing in dews :oops:}

2. This shot of me hugging a tree


{because love should be given – yes, even to trees!}

3. This gift (and 2 bears)


{because every time i enter a typical Italian restaurant, i seem to know most of the tracks they play now (apparently they all play Eros Ramazzotti)}

4. This grandiose restaurant deco


{because the reindeer, red roses, and antiquarian bricks make for an experience of dining during medieval worldliness}

5. This ‘secret weapon’


{also known as the ‘date savior’, this invisible tape make sure that the silly ‘openings’ of my dresses stay where they should – all night long}


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