5 Cinspirations

Location: Lisbon

Inspired by The City of (Sun) Light.

Throughout my 13 years of blogging, I’ve never tried updating this site while on the road. The usual practice was to rush out scheduled posts prior to traveling. Somehow this time around, albeit being one of the 0.3% full-time job seeker minority in Cingapore, I didn’t manage the familiar stress. Instead, I chucked my MacBook into É’s bulky blue suitcase and decided to attempt writing with the influence of toasty summer holidays. Frequent Cin Citizens might have notice how it’s been working out so far – like anything that’s southern, hot, and slow, such is my pace with everything that matters (or not) under the sun. The next weeks will be spent getting to know ‘my’ new country that is Portugal. It will be my 17th country explored in a way that deserves a true #traveldeeper tag. By seeing the city of natural light with new eyes and fresh experience, I hope that my true self will return, if not better than before.

5 cinspirations inspired by Lisbon the past week:

1. Hunting for caracois

Lisbon 2017

{because it is also my first summer walk in Portugal and I am in love}

2. These Portuguese buildings

Lisbon 2017

{because sweet pastel hues and beautiful colours everywhere! <3}

3. This new pair of mules

Zara Striped Mules

{for giving me style and sparkle with every step put forward}

4. Fresh seafood day and night

Lisbon Sea Me

{because #truestory}

5. This smiley flower

Sintra flowers

{and many others that we met during our wedding venue recce}

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