One of my Top 10 Lifetime To-Do-List (Before I Die) is to take a picture next to my one and only idol in the world, Wang LeeHom #truestory. Little do i know that this dream can come true. 🙂

The first song i heard him sing was 公转自转 one morning at my cousin’s bedroom when i was 12, and i fell in l.♡.v.e with his voice + music instantly (without even knowing how he looks like). After i saw his face on the CD tape cover, of course – i was imprinted forever; just like Jake to Bella, only opposite. From then onwards, i’ve been collecting his (original) albums up till today.

Out of the hundred thousands of fans who attended his concert, i must say i am one lucky, lucky girl who got the golden opportunity to stand right next to him, have eye contact, touch his hand(!), and to take this priceless picture i will one day brag to my grandchildren about. It was all so surreal! How i wish i could pause that moment and be his friend. You know; add him on Facebook, drop him a Whatsapp message, have coffee on weekends… What can i say, people. When all else fails, dreams become pulses that keep you alive, so don’t give up on them~

p.s. Can you not agree that we do look cute together? 😛

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  1. he did not put his arms around you!
    he should right? lol

    1. he touched my hand! xD

  2. omg, I’m so jelly right now! It would be a dream come true to stand right next to him and so close!!!!! 🙁
    You’re one lucky lucky girl! Having coffee during weekends with him sounds too perfect!



    accidental encounters

    1. i was super jelly too! imagine having coffee with him. lol~ sighhh

  3. but don’t know your grandkids would know him also.

    Nevertheless , you took a picture with your Lee Hom! lol! I must try my best to take pic with Angelina Jolie ><

    1. of course they’ll know. we know the beatles! haha

      1. yeah, and they’ll say we are weird. They won’t know how awesome we feel ma. ahahha

  4. Woahh that’s really cool!!! I guess u make every lee hom fan girl jealous on u~

  5. Why u got such chance to take photo with him? WHY WHY WHY? *Jealous to the MAX*

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  7. Cindy, I believe Lee Hom fans are envy and jealous with you.

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