Lil’ Grape. Fat Ball. Slim Skin.


{baby me}

Once upon a time, a doctor thought i was a ‘grape’. Thank God my mum believed that i was an embryo, so my life was saved. Then the doctor said, “It’s a girl” but my relatives looked at me and thought “Dude, that’s a boy”. My hair had a faster growing rate on one side. i drank milk from the bottle till i was 12, for the fun of it; which turned me into a round ball of fat. Then i saw Britney Spears’s flat abs in “…Baby One More Time”, so i tempted my first diet plan of only lime juice for lunch. Got my dream abs (yes, apparently it works). Sacrificed my fair skin to ‘serve the country’ and the rest is history (i shall end at 17 because at 18 i ventured in this thing called blogging). This is a story about a girl named Cindy…


{the metamorphosis phase}


{one of mum’s many attempts to garnish my hair so i look more like a girl – this is a pretty successful one i must say}


{officially a girl now; positively an emo one since young}


{blossoming into a mademoiselle}


{kindergarten: 1st row 7th from the right}


{my dear bullied playmate}


{i told people i was ’round’ but no one believed me – now this picture is proof. first row, first girl from the left}


{during my Britney Spears days – in specs}


{teenage years (best spent at the playground by the beach with my cousins)}


{after high school – gettin’ baked for National Service}


{me today}

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  1. wow….it’s like a super massive change from ur school days to…. today! From an average girl to a pure hotness beauty with an awesome camera 😉

  2. Very snap shots from childhood till now. 😉

  3. Hahaha….I prefer the younger days cuteness…!

  4. You are still so pretty in NS!!! Did you attract lots of boys? 😛

  5. You look so pretty! 🙂 ♥

  6. i shall try the lime juice diet! lol

  7. i see a trait of troubles.. 😛 .. someone told me, your room reflects how your mind thinks.. gosh.. you have a hell of a messy mind.. hehehe..

  8. Do you still drink the lime juice once in a while to keep that abs?

    1. noo… it gives me gastric

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