5 Things

Here are 5 things that made my week.

1. This plastic glasses


{because somehow it makes nerdy look hot / chic}

2. This long searched book


{because i literally searched all around the city for it for the longest time, and it feels good to finally have it in my own hands}

3. This bench (from its back view)


{because something about it whispers “sit here beside me and i’ll be here with you forever“}

4. This garlic mayo


{because the quirky teaspoon that came with it made spread more fun}

5. These faux pearls


{because we ‘stole’ them off a mall decoration last Christmas, but they still glimmer…}


On a different note, do you think this girl’s boyfriend cheated on her? Watch:

What do you think?

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One comment

  1. […] hours journey to the city, i opted for a bright yellow cotton scarf and cute nerdy glasses (as seen here) to give my outfit a boost of fabulosity. Pictures of my brother below lovin’ it […]

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