{5 Things}

Here are 5 things that highlighted my week.

1. This breakfast pancake


{because the German sausage that tagged along gave it just the right amount of savory i need in the morning}

2. This fresh rain


{because the weather has been so hot lately i’m starting to miss balmy mornings}

3. This gift for mum


{because inside is a nude color handbag that goes well with anything in her closet}

4. This pair of glitter heels from ALDO


{because it is what i’ve been dreaming of owning (for almost a year) and even got it with a fair discount!}

5. This bokeh shot


{because i’ve been trying desperately to capture such effect and an accidental mistake taught me how}

* * *


i bought this MAD deal 2 minutes ago and it made my day with immediate effect. Mainly because there is a branch 5 minutes from my place, and not to forget how worthy it is for the price of RM35! If you’re a big fan of classic mani + pedicure like me too, click this to get your super deal. 😉

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  1. U took that fresh rain photo? Awesome, so is the bokeh shot! 🙂

    1. yes i took it! tryin to get better @ the dslr 🙂

  2. the Aldo platform heels look stunning! but aldo always be Aldo, it’s still expensive after discount. not purse-friendly 🙁

    1. it really is very damn pricy. so sam tong everytime i buy something there

  3. the pancake looks lovely.. still doubt the outcome tho.. 😛

  4. love the pancake ^^

    1. me too!! craving for one now T_T

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