{5 Things}

Here are 5 things that made my week:

1. This original compilation of French music


{because it immediately transforms my room into a cozy little café in Paris anytime since i got it}

2. This belated birthday card from Nuffnang


{because it is the most colorful card that came with the most wishes i’ve ever received}

3. These vintage T’s


{because they simply make up for the lack for casualty in my wardrobe}

4. These pair of blue jeans


{because they allow me to feel like i’m wearing my second skin}

5. This Smoky Make Up Set by Elite Models, thanks to Watsons


{because now creating smoky eyes has simply become more fun and easy}


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  1. Aww, where’s the photo of your DSLR? 😛

    1. haha! i don’t havea camera to take a picture of the camera wtf

      1. Take the obligatory self-portrait through mirror reflection shot. 😉

      2. that, needs a lot of practice!

  2. Happy getting old physically but young mentally.. 🙂

  3. #2 is best. 😀

  4. wow, amazing birthday card! Happy Belated Birthday!

  5. […] snugly pieces like this oversized knit and (newly purchased) comfort stretch jeans (as mentioned here) to suit the mood. To be honest, i was also ‘wearing’ no makeup avec unwashed hair and […]

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