6 Lipsticks A Woman Should Own

6 Lipsticks Every Woman Should Own

Can A Woman Have Too Many Lipsticks?

In my opinion, IRL, the answer is yes. While I like to keep up with the latest makeup trend, deep inside I am still a pretty practical person.

As most corporations suffer from bad economy downturn, the beauty industry continues to thrive. Each brand strives to produce the glossiest ads, fanciest digital content, most luscious colors and so on.

To avoid becoming a slave to trends and throwing away items which popularity tend to fade fast, I always stick to my ‘5 Must Have Shades + 1 Trend’ rule. Let’s face the truth: you can own a million lip colors but at the end of the day, they are almost the same.

If you’d like to own a collection of lipsticks but don’t know where to start, here is a round up of the best lipstick buys; regardless the season or time of the year.

P.S. The lipsticks I use in this post are just suggestions. My advise is to search for lip colors that match your skin tone. (Mine is warm-yellow.)


1. A classy, stubborn red

MAC Ruby Woo

IMO, if there’s only one lip color a woman needs, it is red. Not just any other reds but a good red. The most important characteristic of a GOOD RED is the staying power on your lips; one that doesn’t easily transfer to your teeth or drinking glass.

I highly recommend MAC’s Ruby Woo, arguably the most famous lipstick amongst makeup artists. Its texture is very (very) dry, which ironically is how it wins here, so use a lip primer beforehand. To achieve best application results, use a red lip liner hand-in-hand.

Read: Sexy Red Lips tutorial.

Try: Benefit’s Double The Lip (lipliner and lipstick in one), their lip stain set or 3CE lip marker in Red.


2. A deep, wine-stained vamp

MAC Amplified Dark Deed

Moving away from red tones, this is for women who own a daring heart. A goth color might seem ‘too much’ at first, especially for daytime wear, but sometimes it is all you need to spice up a T-shirt and jeans day with pumps.

Personally, I lean towards this shade towards mid / end of the year to compliment my A/W pieces. This shade I’m wearing is MAC’s Amplified Dark Deed with a swipe of Vaseline.

Try: Marc Jacob Le Marc Lip Creme Lipstick in Scandal, 3CE lip lacquer in Dahlia.


3. A pop of pink

Estee Lauder Pink Lolita

Pink looks best on ladies with fair skin. I am not much of a person whose ambition is to achieve fair / white skin, so I rarely reach out for the Barbie shade. Nevertheless, every woman should still own one.

I like wearing this look to compliment floral dresses or when attending girly parties i.e. a baby shower. This featured shade is Estee Lauder’s Pink Lolita.

Read: Hot Pink Lips tutorial.

Try: Estee Lauder’s shade in Sheer Sin or 3CE lip lacquer in Pink Bloom.


4. Summer Mandarin

Elizabeth Arden Mandarin

With red, vamp and pink in the lipstick closet, what’s still missing is orange. You might be thinking; why does a woman need orange lipstick?

You can definitely live without it but speaking from experiences, a bright, bold orange shade really stands out when everyone else is wearing more predictable colors.

I love wearing orange with S/S (Spring / Summer) pieces during the first half of the year. In this look, I’m playing with gradient by applying Elizabeth Arden’s Mandarin on my inner lips, finishing it off with the pink from #3 on the outer lip areas.

Try: Estee Lauder’s shade in Hot Chills or 3CE’s lip color Come to Me.


5. Balmy, glossy, glow

Dior Lip Glow

The one lip-stick I can’t live without is Dior’s Lip Glow. Waayyy before they came up with all the glamorous marketing materials featuring Bella Hadid, I was already stocking up on this discovery at airports’ duty free since 2013.

This beauty stick is 1/4 lip balm, 1/4 lip color, 1/4 lip gloss, and 1/4 lip glow. Instead of packing every inch of your lips with pigments, it glides comfortably and helps your own lip color to pop and shine. I seriously can’t-live-without-this.

Try: Clinique Chubby Stick.


6. The latest trending lip kit

Nyx Lip Lingerie Exotic

New products always surface and of course I am not hardcore practical to the extent where I restrict myself from trying new products. Which is why I reserve #6 as a spot for a product that is worth the buy and long term wear. After throwing away a few new yet expired ones, I start doing my research before committing to a lipstick.

What makes it to this last spot today is Nyx’s Lip Lingerie range in Exotic. Super matte and nude in its own unique way, this lip wear makes one feel sexc if not beautiful.

Try: Marc Jacobs Le Marc Liquid Lip Creme in Truth Or Bare or Shush Blush.


6 Lipsticks Every Woman Should Own

Do you have a favorite lip color you’d like to share? Let me know! 🙂


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