The Monroe Kiss


So we’ve mastered the perfect red lips, but what do we do with the rest of our face? There is a makeup rule that preaches to only focus on one feature at a time. As much as i cannot deny that statement, i can’t help myself from wondering: What should i do with my eyes?


Just because i am going bold with my lips, doesn’t mean everything else has to remain bare! After much musing and experimenting, i figured out the best ‘naked’ look for the windows to our soul. Here’s what you need, girls!


For the first part, get yourself The Naked Palette by Urban Decay. You can find them at Sephora. i am only using the first 3 lightest shades for this look. (Read my makeup brushes essentials here.)


The brush i’m holding comes with the eyeshadow set; which i will be using for color and step #1.

Red Lips

1. Glide Eyeshadow 1 upwards from lash line towards eye socket.

2. Blend Eyeshadow 2 along lash line until eye crease to enhance intensity. Area shown in picture #2.

3. Use Eyeshadow 3 to highlight brow bone, and inner corners of the eye.


‘Naked’ eyeshadow application: Finish!


To enhance our eye features more and to give it ‘life’, here comes part two. i am using:

  • Maybelline EYESTUDIO Lasting Drama gel eyeliner
  • Maybelline Hyper Curl Volum’ Express Cat Eyes mascara
  • Natural-looking false lashes (Optional)


Draw a thin line along your lash line. Try to make it as thin as possible, making a wing at the end. TRY!


Curl your lashes, at least 15 seconds on each side.


Stick on false lashes (if you like), a set that is appropriate for day use; even if you were to wear this look into the night.


Apply mascara. Include top lashes if you decide to skip falsies. i love this particular brush; which is designed like a comb.


And your Monroe Kiss look is complete! The next time you decide to rock any bold lip color, please don’t leave your eyes unattended. Sometimes, it is the little things that make HUGE differences.


Practice makes perfect!


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