[AD] Ice Cream-Kissed!


😳  i’ve been kissed by a Fruttare~! ♡


Remember this post i wrote on popsicle tinted lips? This time around, i’ve decided to try my hands lips on red grapes instead of lychee by Fruttare. Fruttare, a deliciously refreshing fruit ice cream is made from 100% real fruit juice – making it THE perfect treat that invigorates and brightens up your day instantly. Wanna get ice cream-kissed? 😉


The #Fruttare@Lot10 event is SO hot that it is extended till 29.07.2012!! Fruttare has been giving burst of surprises at Lot 10, Jalan Bukit Bintang from 16th June – 8th July 2012, and thanks to all for the encouraging responses they’ve decided to share the invigorating experience a little longer with even more exciting prizes to be won:

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Here’s how it goes: Snap a photo of yourself at Fruttare’s Surprise giant kiosk @Lot10, share the refreshing experience on your Facebook page, and enjoy a refreshing surprise that comes with cool and awesome prizes that’s perfect to make your day on a hot sunny afternoon! ☼


To those who had been ice cream-kissed, spot yourself in the gallery of photos / videos taken during the event here. Remember: Don’t just keep them to yourself; share the ♡ with your friends on Facebook after you’ve downloaded them! Happy Fruttare Day, everyone 8)



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