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After weeks of non-stop toiling, I decided to take a break last weekend and try something different for a change. It is always nice to dress up, make an evening drive to town, and try a new bar every once a while. Last Saturday night, the choice was Rabbit Hole at Changkat Bukit Bintang where The Guinness Amplify Live Tour gigs was going on.


The theme of the night was to celebrate “Music Made of More” – music that is made with true passion, talent, and dedication. What I find interesting about it is the idea of how Amplify brings music back to the place where it began for many music icons: the pub.

It is undeniable that there are more and more great talents in the country that can be seen performing on small bar stages night after night to share their passion with the world. As a performing arts graduate, I understand how hard this path is; hence I truly appreciate how Guinness provides a platform for local artists to not only showcase their musical talents, but also their stories and reasons that brought them this far. This Amplify Live Tour gig featured Malaysian bands like Jumero, The Marquee and OJ Law.


{Must Do : Snap a picture with the glam Guinness harp}


{The bands performing that night are electrifying, and also made of more}


{Friendly, engaging crowd of the night}


{Hello, bar! Of course this event ain’t complete without some Guinness!}


{With my delicious malt ‘broth’}


It’s amazing to see how Guinness has come such a long way. This balloon that pops up at their events always acts as a sweet reminder of how it has started brewing since 1759. Today, with its new refreshed music platform, we celebrate this remarkable journey of Guinness while appreciating talented, dedicated, and passionate local musicians.


{In black and gold #OOTD}


{Guess who! Bumped into old time blogger friend, Sixth Seal 😀 }


{Made of more . . . kisses to seal an awesome Saturday night}

Enjoy good, original music with a series of 7 live gigs across Peninsular Malaysia, featuring international and local artists, by joining the live tour every Saturday from 6 September to 11 October 2014. For the live tour schedule on when your favorite band is performing, you can get all the details in this awesome website.


If you’re wondering who will be the international artist for the finale, a little bird told me that Canadian band MAGIC! That brought you the hit song “Rude” will be performing alongside our OJ Law And DASH at KL LIVE on Saturday, October 18th.

So what’re you waiting for? Head on over to their page at amplify.com.my to find out not only about the tickets, but also many things such as made of more stories about our talented local musicians!


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