[AD] Paint your Life with Music!


A world without music is like a world without color. Music plays important roles in our lives – you are sitting in a car with your boss and the silence is getting awkward. He turns on the radio and suddenly it seems like the world starts moving again! Music also sets the mood for a place. Imagine walking into a nightclub and it starts playing Westlife or Elton John. Can you dance to that all night long? 😆


Understanding the importance of music in our lives, DiGi has joined partnership with Deezer; which enables subscribers to enjoy unlimited music streaming from a choice of up to 20 millions (ad-free! 😀 ) tracks with offline and worldwide access via IPTV / audio system. It is compatible with all smart phones, tablets, and PCs too! Each Deezer Premium+ subscriber can mix and build their own playlist, and access their account up to 3 smart devices to be shared on their FB and Twitter accounts.


If you don’t know what Deezer is, let me tell you that it is a VERY. AWESOME. PROGRAM. This program delivers a broad and global music experience to more than 26 million fans across 182 territories! Basically you will have a catalogue of 20 million tracks instantly available on any device the moment you subscribe.

What i love about it is having the opportunity to rediscover the joy of finding new, good music. You can totally forget about your old mp3 playlist or the repetitive songs they play on radio. Yay! 😀


{a hilarious video specially made for the launch; which made my day with its funny}


{with Mr. Big Guy – who’s gonna get Deezer for his WHOLE house and ALL his devices}


{the bright event started with opening remarks by Praveen Rajan, DiGI’s Head of Products – Internet & Services and Clement Gosse, Deezer’s Business Development Manager – Asia Pacific}


{introducing Malaysia’s upcoming artiste – Aizat Amdan, who sang the OST for Istanbul Aku Datang}


{the ‘special’ drum – i like!}




{more pics for Aizat’s fans who are also reading this post now 😳 }




{photo opp}


{media Q & A session – Praveen was very kind in assisting Mr. Big Guy with his DiGi + Deezer enquiries}


{#OOTD + DiGi bag}


{how to discover this awesomeness in just 3 simple steps}


  • To enjoy a FREE 3 months’ Deezer Premium+ subcription, DiGi customers can either choose between DGSmartPlan 88 or DG SmartPlan 148 on their smart devices.
  • If you are a NEW customer, you get to enjoy the FULL premium service throughout the contract tenure! OR,
  • You can also sign up for a special package at only RM8 per month (that includes Deezer Premium+ subscription and DiGi CallerTunes playlist) by sending SMS DEEJAY to 2016.
  • Once your awesome Deezer plan is activated, activate your Deezer service by sending SMS “DEEZER” to 2000.
  • Upon doing this you will receive a link to start enjoying your favorite music, and the best part? All DiGi-Deezer subscriptions will be automatically renewed as long as the user remains on their plan. 😉


Click here for more information.


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