Everyone Can Drive A Supercar

Location: Singapore


THE Ultimate Drive.

Gone were the days when you see fleets of luxury cars parked outside Zouk or flew past you on the highways making you wonder – what’s the deal with speed or who are these thrill seekers? Are they all old men, playboys, tai tai-s?

Today, such privilege is not just for the filthy rich. Lamborghinis, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Mercedes – pick one and you too, can try out this experience of a lifetime.

For a taste, go for the 15 minutes Street Circuit Tour. If you are already sure you are gonna love it, there are packages up to 60 minutes i.e. the Singapore Explorer. You can choose to drive or be driven by a professional. Prices start from as low as USD 280.


Whether you are single or attached . . .

There is one way you will definitely feel great this Valentine’s Day. Enter: SUPERCARS.

Handsome, rich, powerful, steady – how can you complain having a Lamborghini as your date? I mean, meals eventually get flushed down the toilet, 99 roses wither too, humans are flawed, but a memory like this last forever.

If you are not single, this evergreen surprise for your other half is incredibly unique, luxurious, edgy and is sure to spice up your relationship.

Book your ride for V-Day here.





Traveling with BFFs or A Visiting Family?

Go with a Rolls Royce Ghost. Split the cost or splurge and give your loved ones a treat – even your most b*tchy aunty will love you back for it. I can’t think of a more glamorous way than this to kick off a bridal shower / hen’s night!

This royalty on-the-move can also be used for weddings and airport transfers (you’d be sure to win your overseas client with this).

Book a limousine here.




At least that’s what I’m doing when Kylie Jenner was busy hiding her pregnancy . . .

Ultimate Drive Singapore is located at Marina Bay Sands, Hotel Tower 3. All the information you’d need is right here.

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