HK: Tian Tan Buddha


Everyone has their own ‘favorite moment’ of their travels, and I bet you wouldn’t have guessed mine from Hong Kong; a metropolitan which I visited recently for the very first time because even I myself, can’t.

Quite unexpectedly, it was the moment I exited the airport; half-greeted by a hundred searching eyes for their loved ones, relatives, or perhaps a best friend. Though I did not get a warm hug so immediately, I was grinning so much my jaw hurts and my body, driven by my scorching eyes – continuously looked for my cousin who flew in from Singapore.

It took me a while to find her at Mc Donalds, where we intended to meet (and discover what’s different on their menu – a silly travel ritual of mine) and when we finally did, I redeemed my hug. Yet, that’s still not quite ‘my moment’. It actually happened when we settled down with our hot black sesame soy; which made me dreamt for 5 days straight that I could sip it every single day I was there. Not that it was super lip-smacking or anything, but I am, a big fan of frothed soy in paper cups.


Everything from here on, Mc Donald’s, that is, eventually became a series of lugubrious event and probably I only have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) to blame. The moment we retire from our ensconce, we became unwilling students of the dismal weather that taught us nothing but disappointment.

Unfailingly, the first thing I always try my best to do upon arriving at a new country is to get a local SIM card with data. But for once in Hong Kong, we were hunting for something different beforehand. An octopus…


{the Octopus card}

You can almost go anywhere in Hong Kong by MRT and this card is the best way to get you around. I have to agree that without it, it’s hard to survive here – maybe even close to impossible.

Cost: HKD 150

If you have never visited Hong Kong before and would like to do so in the near future, I hope my ‘Hong Kong travel edition’ posts will be able to more or less help you plan your trip better. For instance, its sequence. I love taking an early flight out. Absolutely hate waking up at 4 a.m., but looove the fact that you have a full day to start with and I suggest you do the same.


Our first stop was Tian Tan Buddha, chiefly because it is already near to the airport. The easiest way is to take a blue cab from there. Upon arrival, you will find an outdoor stand (under the escalators) for you to store your luggages. Do that, then take the escalators to the cable car station. Buy your tickets, and you’ll be on your milky way up!

Taxi (per trip): HKD62
Luggage storage: HKD 70
Cable car (per head): HKD 73

p.s. There are two types of cable cars; the usual and the ‘crystal’ version where the base is see through. We didn’t need much contemplation to decide that the latter does not really make that much of a difference – except for its price. Optionally, you may also take a bus up for only a few dollars.


{hot cousins, cool friends}


The cable car continued to torpor for what felt like 20 hours before we could nurse our famished, doddering souls at the top. The weather really broke my heart.

Lunch: HKD90


{my cousin, Nicole, photo-bombing with utmost style}


{my second cousin who gives the warmest hugs, Torng}


{hi Buddha!}


The heavy grey skies continued to alternate shamelessly between the misty zephyr and torrents of freezing rain. Even the most sincere prayers could do nothing to change that.


In contrary to my many friends who worship the idea of shopping in Hong Kong, the only time I managed to buy something (aside from a new pair of Birkenstock because the rain destroyed the one I was wearing) was here, at Ngong Ping. Adamo is a local brand that carries the most adorable 3D ‘plastic bags’, I swear. I purchased a red kitty purse / sling bag (with love), and finally, a SIM card.



Does my wish read funny to you? Because it does sound a little childlike to me. Truth is, this is what I wish for unfailingly each time I pray.

If you purchase ‘X amount and above’ at the Adamo shop (X: I don’t remember how much), you will be given wooden cards to scribble and hang your desires to grow with the wishing tree. I won’t advise anyone to buy anything for this perhaps-gimmick, but if you do buy something, why not. 🙂


And what did I tell you about SAD?


Torng, who did most of the research, reported that the ‘Must Eat’ at this location is the tau foo fah. I was plainly playing tag along, until I had a spoonful of it and OH… my God. My tongue must be dreaming!


I usually try my best to avoid using terms like “This is the best [insert whatever]” but this? This yellow plastic bowl here? Serves the SMOOTHEST tau foo fah EVER and I am confident about it.


 {you’re really missing out… :p }


More fun, colorful pictures taken before we decided to finally check-in our hotel. It was 4.30 p.m.


Coming up next is Hong Kong (Day 1) : at night.

Total cost spent: HKD 495



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