Bandung II


Semut makan manisnya, kehabisan langsung tinggal hitamnya“, were the exact words from our tour guide at the crater on his definition of “hitam manis“.

Though i prefer the first day (Big Guy rated the second better), i was relieved to escape the hitam manis locals at Tangkuban Parahu; though sweet with their ukuleles and colorful hanging beads all over their body, their wishful faces speak to you sad stories without words, desperately hoping that you would spare them some leftover rupiahs.

Despair that i wasn’t convinced to perform such charity (as they’d flock you once you do so for one), i must remind myself that i can’t feed all the poor in Indonesia.


{settling bills / practicing my Indonesian loghat at the hotel counter}


{en route to Riau; the street famous for factory outlet shopping}


Secret seems to get the acknowledgement for being the most famous outlet (you even get a pass to its waiting lounge at the airport if you spend 500, 000 rupiah here).

Branded stuff are sold at really cheap prices. Whether they are fake or real, honestly i don’t have a care in the world. After all, the idea is to buy something for fun as a souvenir for family, friends, yourself. i got all my family’s gifts here under one roof. And as for myself? Surprisingly, i couldn’t find anything.


{Silver boy scratching his backside}


Don’t (i repeat: Don’t) miss out Zen Family Reflexology. As a huge fan of massages, i’ve visited many parlors and i must say that this one is indeed one of the NICEST foot massage places i’ve ever came across! Here’s why:

Below the parlor, under the same lot, is a factory outlet named Carla; which means husbands / boyfriends / fathers / brothers can head upstairs for a massage treat while the women shop. One thing about me though – i would never skip a massage for shopping. 😆

The place is clean, the staffs polite and friendly, and most importantly, serious and passionate about their job. We especially loved the chairs that came with individual TV screens, earphones with maximum slide options (though we didn’t use them). Then i killed… two birds with one stone. i bought two lovely earrings from Carla after.


{Big and i took a 90 minutes journey to heaven and back – a journey where our feet were massaged instead of using them for walking}


Cost: 80, 000 rupiah / 90 minutes


Here is another place you CAN NOT miss. Lunch at Warung Misbar located on the same row as Zen. i can’t stress even more how incredible this place is!

At first glance, we thought it was a cinema. Truth: It is a cinema concept restaurant. 😀


The warmth and coziness this joint provides is simply incomparable. If you ever visit Bandung, give this restaurant a try. It is a recommendation from a local, to give you more reasons to trust me.

Grab a plate, mix and match the delectable dishes / lauk, and sit with the locals in the middle of the warung to watch a classic Indonesian film. (i could only wish i had enough time for that).


Cost: 60, 000 rupiah


i had great food the entire day – a hearty breakfast buffet at the hotel; a very decent one i must say, an amazing lunch that tantalized taste buds using different aroma and spices, and a surprisingly satisfying dinner by AirAsia while in the air (if you happen to fly back from Indonesia, try their Nasi Kuning Manado).

To wrap it all up nicely, i ordered myself a cup of hot Milo (always my version of ‘hot chocolate’) which almost immediately soothed away all fatigue collected from Bandung’s weekend traffic.

Things they never told you about Bandung / Indonesia #3:

Always keep 75, 000 rupiah for airport tax. It happened to me once when i was short of RM30, and almost missed my flight trying to find an ATM, exchange money, etcetera. Keep in mind, that airports in small places is no KLIA. Malaysia despite its shortcomings, still owns one of the best airports i’ve seen.

Cost (Transportation): 25, 000 rupiah (in town) + 25, 000 rupiah (to the airport)
Airport tax: 75, 000 rupiah

Total Cost: 265, 000 rupiah / person



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