Apple Tree


i wonder how
i wonder why
yesterday you told me ’bout the blue blue sky
and all that i can see is just a red apple tree . . .


Finally the day arrived when i grab hold my long awaited dream doner; its freshly baked naan warming the tips of my fingers. i could feel its thickness; which told me without words the ever fulfilling promise – your tummy is gonna love me later. i sinfully sank my teeth into it and oh my, did every fibre of my being just screamed ‘AWESOME’. i’d itch for this thing, anytime. Take a closer look:


{The classic Konuk Kebab with extra chili}


After a heavy lunch, we danced in the drizzling rain, i sat under a tree (until something bit me), hopped around like a little girl at a park carpeted with fresh green grass landscaped by Innere Bruecke. After enough goofing around, Big Guy grabbed a clumsy me along for an adventure of re-exploring ol’ Esslingen with new eyes.


{Biker Chic outfit details here}


{A fairy tale wine cellar. Love the combinations of words there!}


{Can you spot the unicorn? 😉 }


{Rainbow gelato in hand}


{More musings}


On the way back ‘home’, we tried a different route passing by heaps of fully blossomed apple trees. In Malaysia, i only see them in supermarkets. In Germany, i see them on trees! Which is more fun; buying or picking – i let you decide. Big Guy suggested we stop by the roadside to ‘pluck some berries’ like he did when he was little (i find it ticklishly hilarious to imagine Big being little and purple with all that juice). At first i was hesitant, but in the midst of my indecisiveness, Big has already taken a sharp U-turn and there i was . . .


That moment when my hand reached out to grab hold of the first apple i ever plucked (or perhaps stole) from such a romantic looking tree with impish glee, is something so simple yet special to me. While i was entertaining the apples, i caught Big Guy busy popping these tiny berries into his mouth:


Another new definition of f-u-n unlocked! Stealing Picking apples. 😆


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