Hungry Jack’s Drive-Thru

You are welcomed to witness my Hungry Jack’s experience after having Maccers for 2 years :


Ai Rene super loves drive-thru >>> i have no idea why but she definitely got me excited about driving through.


She even stopped the car for me to take a shot of this lol – my soul sista is UBER cool!


Got our Whooper set lunch together with surprise FREE sundae!!!




Sniffing the calories… NYUMMMMM~


Paper bags ♥


We believe that the cars in OZ are designed to suit the Hungry Jack’s lunch set’s proportion…


See what I mean? Everything has a place and it fits them PERFECTLY.


Well it actually tastes the same, this coke.


Showing off some sexc thighs together with moi fast food ♥


GET THAT! I had this stuff almost everyday there and the first thing mum asked when she saw me was “why did you loose weight?




Cuz I can handle it with just ONE hand. LOL

i ♥ Hungry Jack’s. It’s just like Burger King, but i think because we can’t get it here, Whoopers become a jakun factor to me.

On a different note, the 1st 15 lucky commentors who win a FREE drink voucher each for the psychedelic Eurobeats event tonight are :

Jackie, Kelvin, Huai Bin, Bryan, Kok Fei, Alex-RC, Valen, giam2020, David, Ell, Jhoon Aun, Allan Lee, Steve, Phillip Tan, NicT.

Just register at the counter and mention that you are under my (Tey Cindy’s) list, ok?


See you there!


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  1. carl’s jr. FTW!! (for the win :P)

  2. Surely you lost weight while in OZ
    because of the partying and hectic
    traveling here and there.So whatever
    calories you consume is burned up
    as quickly.Well it’s a good way to
    maintain your slim and perfect

    1. SURE OR NOT… Wahlau~ hahaha

  3. well, dat’s bcoz hungry jack’s IS burger king.

    1. the name different nia but we syiok sendiri mar.. hahaha!

  4. A more apt name would be Hungry Cin
    passing through.

  5. Whopper JUNIOR only, that’s why you can use one hand to hold 🙂

    1. CHEH! keep it a secret mah! hahahahaha///

  6. Hungry Jack’s looks so nice!!!!

    1. it’s like burger king but i jakun cuz only OZ got the name Hungry Jack’s

  7. I miss hungry jacksss!! 🙁

    1. that’s y! but i think bcuz it is there lol~

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