Eurobeats Event

This is Shasha, Ai Rene, and Me.


Yes, I just returned from “down under”.


My trip would not be considered complete if I didn’t get to do some dancin’ in an OZ club; so obviously ma’ girls took me to a club in Brisbane.


This club is very colourful and picturesque; would you beg to differ?

Notice how they play with lights to create the magical effect? It’s as if we were dancin’ in a crystal ball of mojojojo! lol


The handsome DJ who’s busy spinning his…..

Lights, I would say,


play a very important role in a club / bar / pub. If you’ve ever entered any of those places mentioned during the day, you will notice the BIG ass difference in ’em between day, and night.


See this effect? Unfortunately, we didn’t have this awesome stuff at our party. This is a picture I got from Eurobeats.


There was nobody at the dance floor, except for us. However, our groupie did grow bigger,


and biggerrr,


and better!

This club is situated along a street together with many other bars and pubs that were fully packed with people. All of ’em were so inconceivably crowded we couldn’t get in.

You wanna do a guess on why this club was empty?


No, it’s not because we danced like freaks!


In fact, we looked like retards because the MUSIC they play sounded like – – –

Turn around, every now and then I get a little bit lonely and you’re never coming around…


There’s nothing I can do, a TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART.

Despite the handsome DJ, OK lighting, and bad music, we tried our best to make full use of it because it is very rare that I get the chance to shake ma’ booty with my BFF Ai Rene.


Ai shakin’ her bum bum! hahaha so cute


Me doin’ the bom bom wtf

The main purpose I’m writing this actually, is to tell ya about the psychedelic Eurobeats event.


I might not have my gang with me this time around, but I am sure I have YOU. 🙂

Get ready to party to a mix of the coolest sounds set amidst the backdrop of a visually aesthetic play of lights. Needless to say, you’re in for one helluva colourful night, and I wanna catch you on the flipside!


Here are the details about the party :

  • Date     : Wednesday / 19th May 2010
  • Venue: 21 BSC
  • Time   : 8 pm till 12 am


Special Features are :

  • Orbit Lightshow Performance & Dance
  • Signature Cocktails, Mixologist behind the bar
  • Up, Close & Personal with Mixologist – making your own cocktail experience.


(Meet international mixologists; Maja and Lisa from Sweden, + Chanond and Oak from Thailand at the party!)

Music genre for the night is Electro / Trance, so come and show me your Melbourne Shuffle moves yo~ 8)


… cuz you know we girls fail miserable. ROFL

I have 15 pax drinks vouchers to be given out at the EUROBEATS event. All you gotta do is to be the first 15 to leave a comment on this post. So quick!!!

You can also be a fan of the Encore Facebook fan page event by liking their page here. I’m a party freak so I’ve done it, now so should you.  ^^

I sure do hope to see you there mate~!

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  1. Lets parteh with EUROBEATSSSSSSSSSSSS! Time to shake some ass! <3 <3

    1. YEAH JACKIE IS THE 1ST!!! 8)

  2. Ms Tey tey, you roxx!!! i am a BIG BIG fan of Eurobeat. Won’t
    forgive you if i dun get the ticket >.<

    1. oh ya, i dun give jackie the voucher. with a few drinks
      she’s all gone and she’s gonna do her groovy dance moves are donna turn lamey

      1. I ask her pass her voucher to U k? hahahaha… 😛

  3. w00t! I’ll be there! 🙂

    1. ME TOO! Finally i get to see u T_____T

  4. Gimme the tickets and I’ll see you there!

    1. OK! U’r in mate~! 😀

  5. i’ll be there too! 🙂

    1. Now the question is, what to WEAR! hahahaha *hedek

  6. See you there. Thank you!!!

    1. Sure thing, Kok Fei~ 😉

  7. EUROBEATS! This is cool! May I join the fun as well? =D

    1. YES! another one in… 8)

  8. ME ME ME!!!

    1. OK U’RE IN! =DDD

  9. Our malaysian dancing queen doing her
    stuff in OZ.Dreamgirl still not enough
    want to be Dancingqueen as well.

  10. This is so awkward , but ME ?

  11. give me…give me….party party… 🙂

    1. Yes u’re in then for tomorrow! =D

  12. hey, nice blog u hv here. I love the clubbing scene in Australia, much better than Malaysia.

    1. yeah~ but i’m sure Eurobeats has sthin nice to offer!

  13. Wo yao ticket.. =)))

      1. how to take take tickets leh ? @@

  14. Yeah.. I want the ticket

    1. u want it, u got it! ;D

  15. Anymore ticket for me? would like to join the fun!

    1. there goes the last ticket 😉

  16. philip tan on

    izzit 2 late for me 2 hv the tickets????
    really would like 2 join the party????

  17. C u there couz!

  18. See if I can spot you there ^^”

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