Halle Tey

i would name this entry Cindy Berry anytime but i’m afraid you might confuse this post as a BlackBerry ad. Therefor, the opposite is chosen! 🙂

Halle B front

This post is about wearing casual pieces (like Halle Berry in the picture above).


My version [front].

All you need is a basic grey long sleeve T and comfy denim shorts :

Halle B Side

Halle [side].


Me [side].

Wear your all time favourite silver necklace, grab a grey bag and slip your feet into a pair of grey sandals.

Honestly, i think if i were to do the whole comparison of “Who Wore It Better“, i think i beat Miss Berry hands down, because :


Mine’s sexcier! lol

i’m wearing Justine Blouse in Light Grey | The Pop Look. Classic Denim Shorts | Forever21. Grey Fringe Bag | Forever21. Sliver Sandals | Cotton On.

Now i know why it is called the Justine Blouse, cuz it shows off your sexc back! Ha Ha.. Flash yours now. 8)

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  1. yes, u beat her, no doubt..clear winner 🙂

  2. Hi! You’ve got a generally nice website but may I be bold to suggest a thing or two. You could rename the “Previous” and “Next” at the bottom of your page to “Older Posts” and “Newer Posts”. I think it’ll go a long way to eliminating confusion ie “Is it the previous page I visited which has the latest entries or the previous entries which are the older entries?” It would also be convenient if clicking on your banner (right at the top of your website) could bring you to the default page (latest entries ie http://teycindy.com). It’ll do wonders for navigation. Anyway, do as you please, after all, they are just suggestions, not rule 😉

    1. Good suggestion! i will change that – now my designer is still workin on the new layout 😉

  3. ya…may be you beat her but why you choose her? Just because that
    one is the celebrities, so you can’t compare with her…

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