Bridal Jumpsuit, Reinvented

Would You Re-wear Anything Bridal?

I always knew that for a part of my wedding I’d be dressed in pants. There’s something about wearing the opposite of a classic gown that feels chic, daring, & a little unexpected. Initially, I was hunting down a bridal jumpsuit for my ROM that wouldn’t break the bank. Since ASOS failed me, I wore it 2 years later for my ‘engagement shoot‘ & recently, for our 3rd wedding anniversary celebration (4th as a couple).

You might not know that I have a practical bone in me that can get rather particular about how stops along a drive should be plotted or in this case, spending on wedding items – considering if they can be reused. Which is why my wedding dress is custom-made-to-rent instead of bought (for what?).

As for my bridal jumpsuit, here’s what’s genius about it: the ‘bridal’ part is only its cape (seen here) whereas the jumpsuit is handsome enough to stand alone at any event or party. For our anniversary staycation sponsored by The Chateau, I made space buns out of my hair for a fun approach.

Photos by @racracbaby

ASOS bridal jumpsuit with detachable cape
MANGO semiprecious stone necklace
Marble earrings from Greece
ZARA clutch
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