Exactly a month ago a|x and i celebrated our 1st anniversary. A month before our anniversary, i was already scrambling around town looking for “the perfect gift” – something that could celebrate us everyday instead of a stodgy watch, wallet, perfume, or a bunch of hoary underwear. A week before the special day, it hit me that there are no shops selling gifts that are designed for specific couples. Aware that it is not just about spending money, i brought back the ol’ skool scissors, glue and paper to complete a popcorn bucket he had his eyes on months ago.




These fun and flirtatious coupons can also be great gifts for girl friends. Just change the messages to “One Bitching Session”, “One Girls Night Out”, “One Honest Opinion”… be creative! 💡




And there you have it – a bucket full of colorful surprises to last throughout the year and keep the romance alive n’ kickin’. i think my favorite coupon is “STOP the PS3”; which one is yours? 🙂

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  1. this is a good idea.. spices thing up! 🙂

    1. do that for your gf k! hahaha :p

  2. i made coupons for tim too! he forgot all about them FML

    1. we haven’t used any either… =x

    1. next year 20th May. hahaha!

  3. Great ideas to spice up the love rhythm … I like it!!

    1. thanks! 😀 try it one day!

  4. creative :O 🙂
    love the coupons shot!!

  5. co-ed bubble bath? i wonder whether your parents read this…haha..

  6. where do u get the popcorn tub?

    1. it’s a Spanish brand named Balvi. i got mine from Pavilion (highest floor). it’s a deco shop for homes but i can’t remember the name, sorry! >.<

      1. Thanks, Cindy. Lemme go check it out….so a|x will actually redeem the coupon from you?

      2. the coupons are for us so… we can choose whichever we wanna use. hehehe~

  7. aww you are such a sweet girlfriend Cindy! so creative as well =)

    1. well… to keep the love alive one has to be even if s/he’s not (creative)… XD

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