1st Year Anniversary

The Paper Year


Exactly a year ago yesterday, É and I stepped into one of the greatest decisions of our lives. Early in the morning, bustling about, overly excited, light-headed, and doubtless. The memory so fresh, like it was just yesterday. How did we celebrate our first year anniversary? Being apart.

As some of you may already know, É is back in Berlin for work. We can definitely make up for it later, but I believe one can’t recreate the meaning or essence of a significant date on a belated day. i.e. I could wear the colors of my nation’s flag on 31st August October, but it wouldn’t mean I’d be in my best patriotic spirits once merdeka break is over.

Understanding the importance of reminiscing how far we’ve come as husband and wife, I created this new annual post series – a mix of what we’ve done, achieved, enjoyed and learned; some in the form of ‘questions’ we took the time to answer separately (obviously).

According to the ‘anniversary gift list’, the first year calls for paper. Looking at the big chart, I have one wish and that is to have met É earlier so that it is more likely we’ll grow old together and get to ‘diamond’ on our 60th anniversary. As of my calculation now, we’d have to live till we’re 90 – 100 years old! 

Number of Big Moves


4. From this luxurious condo in Kuala Lumpur, the Cingaporean nightmare, a gartenhaus in Berlin, back to what we now call home in Cingapore.

Countries Traveled Together

Inle Lake

6: Nepal, Germany, Portugal, Poland, Slovakia, United Kingdom.

Something Absolutely New We Did


Getting a pet cat.

Favorite Food Cooked For Each Other

tom yum soup

Cindy: É’s Portuguese ‘naughty (tomato) rice’. Seriously, no one can cook something as simple as rice, as tasty as my husband does!

André: Her Tom Yum soup.

First Lesson Learned as Husband and Wife


Cindy: It is not about marrying the perfect person, but how far the person has come to suit your world. Amidst all the adjustments, which is probably what first year of marriage is about, the biggest thing I learned is to stay together. In any boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, it’s easy to say breakup or walk away; letting emotions get the better of your wisdom. Marriage, though is just a piece of paper (paper year indeed) with laws binding two human beings, elevates your sense of responsibilities as a couple to work things out. I find that with every matter solved, we learned to understand each other in a different light; which makes our relationship stronger and more beautiful.

P.S. If you’re in your early 20s and in a rocky relationship, I am not saying marriage is the answer to everything!

André: Pay attention to her feelings. Never underestimate a passing comment / complaint. There might be a lot more to it and your spouse’s happiness depends on the level of attention you pay. Never take her for granted. Show your love with actions in everyday life. DON’T LEAVE CLOTHES AROUND THE HOUSE, TAKE OFF SHOES IN THE HOUSE, EMPTY LOO ROLL IN THE BIN!! LOL

Highlight of the Year


Cindy and André: Signing the papers a year ago to be officially husband and wife.

Most Memorable Thing She / He Did That Makes You Smile

Euskal Linge bear

Cindy: I have a checklist of things a traveler can’t leave home without written on a sticky note, which I stick at the main door of every home I live in. It’s just one of those quirky things I do without explaining to anyone. When we moved for the first time, in the midst of all that chaos, É secretly brought along the note and stick it at the door of our new house! The other time he sneakily tucked this towel bear I sleep with when I’m sad (I know) into his suitcase and flew it all the way to Germany when we moved. Like the first scenario, I was so surprised to see it I was in tears. I guess one can really say it is the tiniest things that count.

André: The little things. Always remembers to change my toothbrush. Always remembers to switch the heater on for my shower. Leaves a cup of water next to my bed at night. Shows interest (or tries) in my interests.

Things We Wish We Had Done

Cindy: Our wedding ceremony, postponed from one year to the other. Although it is a just a ‘party’, I’d have really liked to get it done with so that we can move on to the next new chapter of our lives.

André: Find more activities we can share together. Traveled more as a couple. Saved more for our little family.


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