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WEAR: Your Handy Fashion Lookbook

Have you ever had days where you look into your wardrobe and find yourself uninspired?

As trendsetters, we often try to vary our looks so that we’re always in style and never look drab. But the process of reinvention never has to be as dramatic as replacing everything that’s in our closets. POPSUGAR names 31 ways that you can upgrade your everyday look by using items that you already own, so don’t think you have to max out your credit card for a fashionable wardrobe! Fashion has always been how you wear an outfit, and less about the items you own.

Should you ever feel bored with your apparel, try putting down the fashion magazines and consider using your smartphone as your source of inspiration. The WEAR – Fashion Lookbook mobile app allows you to see all the styles that you could experiment with, and connect with millions of trendsetters like yourself.


It wasn’t always this easy becoming part of a global community like WEAR. For a time, people had to rely on communicating via SMS and calling on their mobiles, but when mobile Internet came around, users were able to virtually connect with anyone that owned a smartphone.

Operators of mobile casino brand Pocketfruity documented recently that there was more than one billion smartphone users at the beginning of 2014. According to eMarketer, this statistic will exceed two billion by the end of 2016, demonstrating that our primary way of reaching out to others now is through the use of mobile technology! This is why a mobile app is now superior to the conventional fashion magazine: a magazine simply cannot build a community like an app can.

Known as the leading lookbook app, WEAR won the Japan segment of the Apple App Store Best of 2014. It’s a global fashion community where fashionistas can search for new looks, connect with fellow trendy people, and shop at the best online stores.

Search for styling tips or connect with bloggers, brands, and even celebrities to discover the latest trends. And one day, it could be you that’s influencing the wardrobe choices of adults and also kids all over the world. The possibilities are endless with this app. 😉


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