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{Yellow bikini from Calzedonia + matching bejeweled / gypsy accessories from Stradivarius}

Summer is almost over in Europe but in a country like Malaysia, we only have to worry about monsoon at the tail of the year. That said, now is the best time to shop for swimwear if you are over there as they are mostly on SALE! I’m head over heels these beautiful colors discovered at my recent trip to Paris, and I can’t wait to wear the entire set to my next beach vacation already.

Tip: If you have warm skin tone, yellow will look great on you.


{These coasters from Mandarin’s House, Macau are designed using inspirations from the house’s architecture itself. I love travel treasures like these, don’t you?}


{Guess what this is! Perfect for tea lovers, this piece of art (also inspired by the theme above) allows you to tie your tea bag without it slipping all the time}


{I carry a small bottle of mouthwash everywhere I go so it was really sweet of Big Guy to notice that there might be a lighter option for me, especially when I board the plane so often. He got me this tiny brilliant invention – a chewable toothbrush!}


{This is the BEST gift / purchase in the World}

I’ve been wishing to own a Clarisonic since last Christmas but Big Guy got me this pore cleanser instead; which I wanted too,  before learning that even a rubbish bin is more useful. Though there is no celebration this time around, Big got me this life-changing present that I only have so many nice things to say about.

The first thing that came to mind after using it for the first time was: the picture caption above. The next thing was: “If I ever have a daughter one day, this will be the first gift I’ll give her as a teenager”.

In other words, the sooner you discover this, the better your skin, your life. I’m not gonna deny that it is expensive, but to think of its return benefits – TOTALLY worth it.


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