It’s been a while since a|x and i attended a great pool party. Maybe it’s because dear ol’ Humberto is back to Spain.

As i rummaged through my picture folders, i found this one entitled “Paella“. In it are a couple of charming pictures from a pool party at humming bird’s i haven’t share.


Everybody loves the view from Humbert’s place. As you can see, a|x & i just HAD to take a picture with the gorgeous twin towers at the background even when we’ve seen it a million times already. And of course the photographer; which was Humbert, did a pretty good job! We adore this picture so much i think it deserves to be posted again.


Roberto (the humble owner of Pinchos) | Humbert (the humming bird) | Sepi (DJ for all Green Parties) | BFF Pepe & Mario


Seafood Paella (Paella is a famous Spanish dish cooked with bomba rice, saffron, and i love it best with seafood instead of meat!)


Everybody enjoying the delicious arroz with…


some beer as faithful company for the lovely summer night.


i was wearing :




But you know, that night, a|x & i i kept seeing a mysterious symbol appearing in and out of our sight! It looks so weird i just HAD to take a picture of it. Can you see it in this picture above? It’s at the TOP of our beloved twin towers!! :O

Here’s a video that Azman took. Apparently he saw the same thing @ Ulu Yam too!

i hope we’re not the only ones who see it, or if it will leave an IMPACT to MALAYSIA! i certainly hope it is NOT radiation either.

NOTE: Remember to tell me if you happen to see it around the city too.

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  1. the first pic is nice 🙂

  2. Why is your twin tower pic (with the symbol) exactly
    the same as kinkybluefairy’s pic on her latest blog post?

    1. sshhh… because it’s for a campaign T_T!

  3. what’s in the video? Can’t really see clearly because the
    video is shaking >.<

    1. a symbol like the one above the KLCC!

  4. oOo home cooked paella? NAisssss

  5. oooooh! that’s either some tres cool marketing thing… or you’ve definitely got aliens and, er
    oh wait you just said it was a campaign..damn it! (puts down phone to the pentagon)

    1. look behind u. MUAHAHAHA.. !

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