Goodbye Doraemon

i did it. i finally quit my job.


i’ve come to a conclusion. i can’t live a routine. every 9 to 6 job makes me feel like i’m murdering my youth.

i feel like i have so much energy pulsating inside me – like gas molecules in a can of Coke after you shake it; waiting to burst like fireworks but die again and again because you don’t wanna pull the can’s tab.

it’s time for me to leave this safe zone and do something more fulfilling and upbeat.


this 365 days of working here, i discovered things i never thought i could do. i’ve basically absorbed everything the company can offer me; now it’s time to start this symbiosis at a new place.


i shall end this post with a picture of a clowny Kelvin aka Kelp. honestly, what i treasure most is the chance to know my colleagues who are now my good friends. ♥

i am now a free soul. this is the real me, dad. i hope i finally proved to you that i am capable of doing a 9-6 job, but i just don’t want it.

my time is running. if i don’t do what i want to do now, when will i ever have the chance to do it?  (:

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  1. Bravo to your courage. I hope I was as brave as you many moons ago. All the best for your future plans.

  2. yeah!!! all the best cindy!!!!!!!

  3. Good luck and all the best for your future. 🙂

  4. its takes courage to leave our safe zone, especially when everyone close to use expect greatness from us by working 9-6pm jobs. i’m still not out of that cycle yet. maybe i don’t mind wasting my youth?? -__-”’

    anyway, you are really someone i look up to. and i’m dead serious here. so wish you all the best in future jobs/fun/entertainment and looking forward to the next post.

  5. good luck in ur next endeavor!

  6. wish u all d best cindy XD

  7. One door closes, another door opens……..

    You doing the right thing, Cindy as you still have age on your side.
    Life is a journey with many destinations.

  8. wat are u gonna do next?? full time bloggin’??

  9. Wahh.. inspiration! Wish u all the best, Cindy!

    So what would be your next plan now?

  10. It’s good to enjoy life when we are young.
    So go out there, to see the world.
    Smile and be happy.

  11. Rock on! I know all about trying to live your dreams, and occaisionally succeeding! Bottom line is.. they’re not gonna live themselves are they?

  12. Do watever tat makes u happy.Its ur life afterall..take charge and move it move it~good luck:)

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