Red Wine Lips


This fall is all about dark color lips so i’ve created a look that may just suggest that you stole a sip of red wine – a kind of naughty (rest assured) Santa will definitely forgive. 😛 In this tutorial, i’m also sharing with you the eye makeup that you can use to go with your new ‘in’ lip color / stain.

First and foremost, do the Basic Brows. i am skipping foundation here as i usually do, but feel free to wear it to achieve a more flawless skin tone.


For the eyes, i’m using 3 colors from Urban Decay’s Naked palette. Brushes that i’ll use for this look are laid on their respective colors.


Start with a taupe color, “Hustle”, at the outer corner of your eyes, and work your way along the hollows, keeping the rest of the lid areas clean.


Build layers of “Toasted”, only on the clean areas of your eyelids.


Swipe a wash of “Sin” below the brow bone. This will give your eyes a 3D effect.


Line 3/4 of your lash lines with “Hustle” to balance the eyes.


Add a touch of “Sin” at the remaining 1/4 of your bottom lash lines, and also to the inner corners of your eyes.


Line eyes with Basic Eyeliner.


Add on false lashes, or two to three coats of mascara.


Touch up under eye area / Cover dark eye circles with concealer.


Add a layer of mascara to your bottom lashes.


Blush for the apple of your cheeks!


Look before adding on plum colored lips.


i combined the two darkest shades from Sephora’s makeup palette for this look. i’m sure you can guess which from the picture.


Stain lips with purple, then add on a layer of deep red wine color.


p.s. Actual color vary from the color on your screen. Lip color is 2 shades deeper.


As i wanna make this look more wearable for all, i’m using the lip stain option. If you’d like to rock a darker set of lips; which i’m all about this season, opt for a matte lipstick texture instead in a courageously dark tone.


Your Red Wine Lips look is complete! Do have fun trying it out. Practice makes perfect. 😉


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